1. Mondazzee seem so long some times so keeping myself entertained with a little cheeky work selfie. Loving my New Look fully jumper on these chillier days recently, it’s definitely a cozy winter must have. I’ve also got on my fave Top Shop Jamie jeans, just wishing I had every Top Shop jean possible! I love a little OOTD post. 2. Decided to switch up my hair to start off the year and loving it more and more everyday! Loving my journey to silver-grey hair, I have a slight obsession. 3. It’s always a good time for tea time, waking up an hour earlier to live an hour more, loving my tea sesh by the waterside in the mornings before I make my way to work. 4. I’m always with my little Prince and I’m just jealous he’s more photogenic then I am really.


5. “I own too much black – said no one ever!” 6. My obsession with wishbones and moons has me loving my new jewels. I love layering these pieces together. 7. So I’ve been wanting a clothes rack in my room for far too long now! Having one in my flat away for so long made me love having one so it was a must, and finding the perfect one just topped my excitement (so sad I know)! It’s a great way to stay organized and plan outfits for the week or hang up some of my favorites. Plus it just looks too cute and I love my Paris pics above to add a little matching character. 8. I’ve got some of my favorites in this OOTD. My Timbs, Top Shop Joni jeans, Gap plaid shirt, New Look crop top and leather jacket and a bit of a posy mcposerson mirror pose of course!

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I’m excited to do my first of many more to come holiday post and I am literally so excited Christmas is almost here! Only 5 more Wednesdays away! Decorations are up around the city, Christmas party and outfit planning, gift shopping and yummy scents all around. So in the spirit of Christmas I thought I’d share some of my current online girly gift guide favorites from some of my favorite stores that could help inspire some girly gift ideas. It’s so nice that most online stores do a gift guide for Christmas to help you out if your stuck for ideas, just super busy or for some of us who are buying gifts for someone who seems to have it all already and just need that little bit more inspiration! Some of my favorite sites that have these amazing girly gift guides are miss selfridge, topshop, miss guided and ASOS. Make sure to grab some great gifts from some of these stores for moms, sisters, friends, party hostess or any other special ladies in your life for great main gifts or perfect stocking stuffers. I know some times it’s hard to find gifts at specific price points and specific interest so I tried to pick some that varied pretty well in prices. It’s great to get your holiday shopping list all done and to sit back with some wine or eggnog and ignore the frantic last minute rush, to then just relax and enjoy the holiday instead, stress free!

Miss Selfridgeimage

J’Adore Clutch: this stylish neutral clutch is a personal favorite I actually own and love so much! It’s perfect for the more trendy ladies in your life, maybe a best fiend or sister, and perfect for carrying essentials for a night out.
imageLondon Lash Wardrobe: The holiday is all about going all out, glitz and glam! So why not help stock up on these perfect beauty holiday essentials! Plus with such a pretty wardrobe packaging, she’s sure to love it!

imagePink embellished beanie: So I saw this adorable beanie and I thought it was too cute! Who says its hard to wear winter pastels? Staying warm and staying cute definitely a double win!


imagePack of pop party props: Who doesn’t love one or two goofy Christmas presents. I can’t get enough of how cute these props are to create some funny holiday selfies with the girls. There perfect for a small but memorable hostess gift or some funny family Christmas photos.
imageChecked Shirt: An perfect basic checked shirt is always a wardrobe necessity for any girl. Plus this topshop one has a flattering fit and can be worn on its own, matched with a T or even, the popular, tied round the waists look. It’s perfect for any age and such a great priced topshop top!


Tripi Snake Skaters: There’s so many people who say buying shoes as a gift is a big no no, but for some one like a sister or best friend who your always with and know all their secrets and favorites, I’m pretty sure you won’t find it difficult to know their shoe size and what they love! It’s also a safe bet to grab a pair they wear loads and love but in other colors so you know it’s a style they are use to any way.

Miss Guided


Wednesday color block faux fur scarf: This would totally be one of my ideal gifts for this winter. I’m all about the faux fur trends at the minute and a faux fur gift would be an ideal gift for any trendy girl to dress up her winter wardrobe.

imageKada stripped onesie: PJs are always a Christmas gift favorite, but these super cute onesies from misguided are just a must! They look so cozy and would be perfect for chilling round a fire with some hot coco. I know moms always love adding some comfy PJs to be in to their collection for those comfy cozy days round the house in the winter.
imageJami Bluetooth pink speaker: What a great gifty idea, what girl doesn’t love a bit of music to dance around or belt out her love songs to and now she can pack this cute speaker with her where ever she goes.


imageOhh Deer Je T’aime pillow: ASOS have a load of fun home gift ideas to dress up any girls room and add that extra girly touch with some fun room accessories. It’s perfect for dorm decor or a cute girly apartment.
imageGHD Eclipse styler and rose gold heat mat: One of the newest from the GHD collection, and definitely on my Christmas wish list is the GHD eclipse. Any girl would love a new beauty addition like this and is definitely a great Christmas gift investment because it’s going to last ages. Not to mention how GHD is such a good quality brand, by far my favorite of course.  imageBenefit Primping with the Stars gift set: Lastly make up sets are always a great gift. You can get classic loved favorites or a few things they haven’t tried but might come to love. It’s like the ultimate beauty sampler that still last ages as well so a great value for cost. Plus any girly girl loves trying out new beauty products so it’s sure to put a smile on her face, as well as leaving her looking glamorous!


I can honestly say I swear by MAC lipsticks! They always have the ability to complete any day or night look perfectly with such a wide variety of colours to choose from. My two favourites are ‘Up the Amp’ and Pro longwear’s ‘Goes and Goes’.

These vibrant purples not only match my personality but help make a simple look pop! ‘Up the Amp’ suits so many people and I am always recommending it to friends to try. I always have one of these two in my bag everyday, I won’t leave the house without at least one of them.

‘Goes and Goes’ is a great lipstick if you want to try an ombre lip. I love applying ‘Goes and Goes’ and then putting on a lighter shade of pink (like ‘Creme Cup’) to top it off. The two colours play off amazingly together for the perfect ombre lip look.

photo 5

These two shade can be used for both summer and winter looks, but pair them with classic whites and blacks, a simple winged eyeliner look and some bold statement jewellery and they can really dress up a classically simple but stunning look. It is such a great feeling to find the ultimate beauty essentials for you, if bold and bright lip colours are your essentials I wouldn’t pass on adding these two vibrant colours to your collection.

This is me Ci Ci…

So, you want to know a little bit more about me? Let’s do this!

“Born + raised” in Bermuda by some pretty kick ass parents and a pretty incredible family surrounding me for all of my childhood. I was that kid that had to be involved in everything as much as I could and my parents forever supported my decisions no matter how extreme or stupid they were and I can’t describe how truly grateful I am for all they did for me or allowed me to do. From putting me in the best education system, here in Bermuda, at Bermuda High School. An all-girls school, I have to admit at the time I wasn’t too fond of the idea of an all-girls school, but I am able to look back now and honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was a part of so many school sports and other activities – one of which was Bermuda gymnastics team and I think it was one of the things that really shaped who I am today. It taught me true discipline, how to work hard to achieve my goals, how important a healthy lifestyle is, teamwork, creativity, how important it is to be unique and that your mind, body and soul is fully capable of achieving almost anything!

Fast forward a little, after studies abroad in the UK and receiving an honors degree, being able to do some traveling around the world with friends and family gaining so much exposure to new cultures and seeing remarkable places. Now returned home, landing the most incredible job I could ever ask for, managing and creating content for the top local boutique in Bermuda, Atelerie. Working in fashion felt like the most natural thing for me and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else really and here I am today!

All caught up, I now aspire to do all that I do now at the best ability I can (no short cuts allowed) and with so much room to still grow and learn from everything I am exposed to both at work and from my surroundings. I am forever inspired by where I live and the things I do, people I work with and for, the brands I am exposed to and the opportunities I am given. They all add up to the some of the reasons I started this little space on the internet and why you are here readying this right now! A place to express my creativity and love for all things ascetically pleasing, a space to share my love for fashion and what I do, a tiny corner of the internet that is all mine and open to all to see what it’s like to in the world of Ci Ci – that’s me!