OOTD Number One

So just thought I’d finally post a few photos of two of my favourite OOTD from being in Cambridge. Such a delay, I know, between starting my new job which I can not wait to show off the amazing things Atelerie (Womens Clothering Store Bermuda) has to offer on my blog, so definitely stay posted for that! The weather was so amazing, the best fall weather I could ask for! Was a little taste of fall before I had to head back home to the heat. Of course since it was going to be my last time being in Cambridge until ages, I thought I just had to be such a tourist and have a last few pictures out and about around Cambridge Uni campus. The buildings are beautiful and I was loving the bit of sunshine!

JDPGFJDPSShirt: Bank Fashion

Skirt: River Island

Boots: Forever 21

Jacket: H & M

Sunnies: Ray Ban Oversized Club Masters

OOTD Number two

I loved getting a little taste of fall and taking out some bits from my fall wardrobe! I literally can’t wait for Bermuda to start getting a little bit cooler, I’m so ready for a colder and cosier wardrobe and to start layering up! I can’t wait to start posting some more wintery OOTDs. Say bye to summer brights and pastels, as I always say you can’t really go wrong with some winter black and white staples so stock up on the classics for stunning fall and winter looks. It seams like I’m buying more and more  creams, whites and blacks for all my autumn/ winter essentials.

Jumper: Topshop

Fur Scarf: New Look

Jacket: H & M

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Forever 21

 I’m literally loving everything faux fur for this winter as well! It’s not just scarfs, there’s bobble beanie hats, vest, jackets, jumpers and even some really cute side shoulder bags. But a faux fur scarf, I would definitely list as a winter essential, pieces like this are timeless! I can’t deny the furrier it is the cosier it is for this winter, just have my fingers crossed Bermuda’s winter lets me wear them as much as possible! I’ll be loving life in my furry things through all of winter!


Was out for the day spending, the last weekend of September out and about just loving the sunshine! I just thought I would make the most of the weather with some florals and a crop top of course! Just sharing my OOTD of me wearing this cute skirt from H&M, basic black crop top and my favourite Nine West sandals. These gladiator look sandals are my new obsession and I love how well they can dress up such a simple outfit and create a totally different look. The skirt is perfectly matched with a simple top because of its bright floral pattern. I was loving my outfit today so couldn’t resist adding a few photos from today, let me know what you think!

I’m always throwing on this simple Michael Kors bag with so many of my outfits when I don’t want to be carrying around too much, but instead just the essentials like my MAC Lady Danger lipstick, keys, money and phone. It’s the perfect bag for trips to town or nights out!


I’m always about my PINK and VS fragrances and not usually am I using this Moschino fragrance but I forgot how amazing it smelt until this morning!

I’m absolutely obsessing over different shades of red lipstick at the moment and couldn’t resist showing off this shade, I love it! “Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick and don’t let boys be mean to you”! This quote I found on Pinterest made my day and I swear is perfect girl code (In my opinion at least)!

Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

photo 4

photo 1

It’s always so hard for me to wear something else other then black at least somewhere in my outfits. I think I’ll stop wearing black when they decide to make a darker colour!


Sunglasses and Necklace: Topshop


I can honestly say I swear by MAC lipsticks! They always have the ability to complete any day or night look perfectly with such a wide variety of colours to choose from. My two favourites are ‘Up the Amp’ and Pro longwear’s ‘Goes and Goes’.

These vibrant purples not only match my personality but help make a simple look pop! ‘Up the Amp’ suits so many people and I am always recommending it to friends to try. I always have one of these two in my bag everyday, I won’t leave the house without at least one of them.

‘Goes and Goes’ is a great lipstick if you want to try an ombre lip. I love applying ‘Goes and Goes’ and then putting on a lighter shade of pink (like ‘Creme Cup’) to top it off. The two colours play off amazingly together for the perfect ombre lip look.

photo 5

These two shade can be used for both summer and winter looks, but pair them with classic whites and blacks, a simple winged eyeliner look and some bold statement jewellery and they can really dress up a classically simple but stunning look. It is such a great feeling to find the ultimate beauty essentials for you, if bold and bright lip colours are your essentials I wouldn’t pass on adding these two vibrant colours to your collection.

This is me Ci Ci…

So, you want to know a little bit more about me? Let’s do this!

“Born + raised” in Bermuda by some pretty kick ass parents and a pretty incredible family surrounding me for all of my childhood. I was that kid that had to be involved in everything as much as I could and my parents forever supported my decisions no matter how extreme or stupid they were and I can’t describe how truly grateful I am for all they did for me or allowed me to do. From putting me in the best education system, here in Bermuda, at Bermuda High School. An all-girls school, I have to admit at the time I wasn’t too fond of the idea of an all-girls school, but I am able to look back now and honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was a part of so many school sports and other activities – one of which was Bermuda gymnastics team and I think it was one of the things that really shaped who I am today. It taught me true discipline, how to work hard to achieve my goals, how important a healthy lifestyle is, teamwork, creativity, how important it is to be unique and that your mind, body and soul is fully capable of achieving almost anything!

Fast forward a little, after studies abroad in the UK and receiving an honors degree, being able to do some traveling around the world with friends and family gaining so much exposure to new cultures and seeing remarkable places. Now returned home, landing the most incredible job I could ever ask for, managing and creating content for the top local boutique in Bermuda, Atelerie. Working in fashion felt like the most natural thing for me and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else really and here I am today!

All caught up, I now aspire to do all that I do now at the best ability I can (no short cuts allowed) and with so much room to still grow and learn from everything I am exposed to both at work and from my surroundings. I am forever inspired by where I live and the things I do, people I work with and for, the brands I am exposed to and the opportunities I am given. They all add up to the some of the reasons I started this little space on the internet and why you are here readying this right now! A place to express my creativity and love for all things ascetically pleasing, a space to share my love for fashion and what I do, a tiny corner of the internet that is all mine and open to all to see what it’s like to in the world of Ci Ci – that’s me!