Sunday is definitely like my favorite day of the week. Working all week gives me reason to always make Sundays so laid back, chilled and just do everything a little bit slower. Since this month is moving crazy fast and it’s already the 15th,h ere are my 15 favorite things I like to do on a Sunday:

1. Make crepes.

2. Take Prince for a walk on the beach.

3. Drink crazy amounts of cups of tea.

4. Take pictures.

5. Clean my makeup brushes.

6. Write my to do list for the week.

7. Watch YouTube makeup tutorials.

8. Dream about having every thing on Pinterest.

9. Tryout new beauty product purchases.

10. Paint my nails.

11. Online shop (Secretly, shhh).

12. Watch an Audrey classic.

13. Catch up with friends away.

14. Stretch/ Yoga.

15. Ignore the manic.



November is finally here! Definitely one of my favourite months, probably because it’s my Birthday at the end of it plus the cozy sweaters, hot drinks and so nearly approaching Christmas time! I had a little MAC splurge, it’s far too hard not to, and thought I’d share some of my essentials for the winter! So I have just a couple of main essentials from MAC that I use year round and then some other fun essentials for the winter that I love and know I’ll be wearing a lot of this winter!

Bronzer: Matte Bronze

Eye Shadow: Orb

Lipstick: Living Legend (Satin Lipstick)

Lipliner: Nighmoth

Lipstick: Rebel (Satin Lipstick)

Highlighter: Prep and Prime Enlumineur Light Boost

Winters all about dark lipsticks to go with the darker wardrobe of winter. If I could have every shade of dark purples and reds from MACs lipstick collection I would, but I’m definitely trying to achieve that I think! Living Legend is just another deep burgundy to add to the collection that I love so much! Now that I’m loosing my tan so quickly, sad times, I really like how the darker reds go with my less tan skin tone, I’m ditching a lot of my favourite bright purples and pinks and using a lot more of my reds, burgundies and deep purples. This Nightmoth lipliner pairs perfectly with Living Legend to create that fuller lip look that I love as well as an ombre lip when I’m feeling like a more dramatic look with a lighter colour.

So I know so many people who swear by the now infamous MACs Rebel lipstick, so I thought I’d finally try it out for myself and now I see why there is such a craze about this amazing colour! It has definitely been added as one of my lipstick favourites I think because I seem to be wearing it more and more like every day now! If your looking for a great statement lipstick thats exactly what Rebel is! The bold colour isn’t too harsh and I’ve seen it work amazingly on so many different people and skin tones despite its very unique shade. This gorgeous deep purple looks darker then it actually is in the tube, but on its not too dark and more of a bright shade that can really make your skin colour pop! My favourite part about this colour is its semi-matte finish. I’m not a fan of shimmer and shinny lipsticks and was a bit worried about it being too shinny compared to what I usually go for in a lipstick, but the finish definitely surprised me once I tried it! It also really complements my neutral eye makeup I tend to do on a regular day look. I would say it’s definitely a new MAC essential for me! MACs also offering the shimmery tube case for Rebel, like I have, inspired by the upcoming Christmas season; so it would make a great stocking stuffer if you’re looking for ideas for Christmas gifts!
So I should have learned by now I can’t live without my MACs Orb eyeshadow, I have learned it’s probably one of my main MAC essentials. I need to just start stocking up on like five at a time so I’m not as devastated whenever I run out! It just creates the perfect natural look I love with my winged eyeliner. I literally use it everyday, on its own or with darker eyeshadows for a more done up look for nights out, dinners or just when I feel like a more done up look I guess. It’s a great shade for blending and using under the eyebrow as a highlighter as well.

I’m not usually a fan of MAC bronzer, I’ve gotten use to my NARS bronzer but this one really surprised me when I got it because I ran out of my NARS one. It doesn’t seem to clump, cake or clog pores like I have found with other MAC bronzers in the past. Best of all it keeps that matte finish which is a must have for me! I really don’t like a shimmer bronzer so this ones perfect and sets great on my NARS foundation.

My highlighter pen from MAC really helps create that contoured look under the eyes, on the forehead, cheeks and nose without a really cakey effect. It really lives up to its name to highlight the key areas and its long lasting effect all day.


OOTD Number One

So just thought I’d finally post a few photos of two of my favourite OOTD from being in Cambridge. Such a delay, I know, between starting my new job which I can not wait to show off the amazing things Atelerie (Womens Clothering Store Bermuda) has to offer on my blog, so definitely stay posted for that! The weather was so amazing, the best fall weather I could ask for! Was a little taste of fall before I had to head back home to the heat. Of course since it was going to be my last time being in Cambridge until ages, I thought I just had to be such a tourist and have a last few pictures out and about around Cambridge Uni campus. The buildings are beautiful and I was loving the bit of sunshine!

JDPGFJDPSShirt: Bank Fashion

Skirt: River Island

Boots: Forever 21

Jacket: H & M

Sunnies: Ray Ban Oversized Club Masters

OOTD Number two

I loved getting a little taste of fall and taking out some bits from my fall wardrobe! I literally can’t wait for Bermuda to start getting a little bit cooler, I’m so ready for a colder and cosier wardrobe and to start layering up! I can’t wait to start posting some more wintery OOTDs. Say bye to summer brights and pastels, as I always say you can’t really go wrong with some winter black and white staples so stock up on the classics for stunning fall and winter looks. It seams like I’m buying more and more  creams, whites and blacks for all my autumn/ winter essentials.

Jumper: Topshop

Fur Scarf: New Look

Jacket: H & M

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Forever 21

 I’m literally loving everything faux fur for this winter as well! It’s not just scarfs, there’s bobble beanie hats, vest, jackets, jumpers and even some really cute side shoulder bags. But a faux fur scarf, I would definitely list as a winter essential, pieces like this are timeless! I can’t deny the furrier it is the cosier it is for this winter, just have my fingers crossed Bermuda’s winter lets me wear them as much as possible! I’ll be loving life in my furry things through all of winter!


Happy Monday! I hope you had as great a weekend as I did; I got to grab up a couple of nice goodies I absolutely adore! To start was an absolute essential for me, MAC Stud eyebrow pencil. I love a thicker, dark eyebrow look and Stud is the perfect eyebrow pencil for the job. I have yet to find any other eyebrow pencil perfect for shaping and that is long lasting throughout the day. I like to pair it with Benefit Cosmetics, Brow Zing, an amazing brow shaping kit. It keeps eyebrows in shape all day making sure no pesky hairs go astray. These two pair amazingly to give a great faded, perfectly shaped thick dark brow look without looking like Crayola attacked your face!

A little mascara obsession never hurt anybody! So I also thought I would try the Maybelline, The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara. I love all Maybelline mascaras and think drug store mascaras are always the best way to go and it’s always essential to have the perfect lashes. They always have the full volume effect mascaras which I prefer and love like my Maybelline, Colossal Go Extreme Volume Mascara. It is only my second day using my new mascara and so far I’m loving it! It creates great volume without the clumping like some other volumizing mascaras do and not to mention the price, so affordable which I love! I also got this amazing OPI nail polish, Umpires Come Out at Night a couple days before this weekend but thought I’d include it in my weekend haul because of how much I’m loving this colour! This is the perfect navy and matches so many outfits and its not too dark like a black, so it’s perfect for fall. The quality of OPI is amazing and I can go days without a single chip!

My most favourite item of all that I got this weekend is of course my new Rayban, Oversized Club Masters. The blue lens actually melt my heart! I’ve been dying for a pair of blue lens shades all summer but thought its perfect timing now to brighten up some of my darker fall and winter clothes for the next couple months to come. Not to mention how perfectly it goes with all my favourite red lipstick shades I’ve been wearing lately! ‘Sunglasses, like red lipstick, change everything!’ Bring on the colder weather and darker lipsticks!

Okay so it’s actually a tough call on my actual favourite goodie from this weekend! I also was a lucky girly and got an Alexandra Mosher necklace, like the one I recently posted about in one of my Friday Favourites. I literally was the happiest girl when I got it and not to mention my obsession with anchors plus how beautiful all of her collection is. I love that I can now take a little bit of home with me where ever I go. The collections are inspired by Bermuda’s beauty and uses Bermuda pink beach sand to create amazingly beautiful pieces. Alexandra can’t say it any better… “Bermuda is a magical place- a Wonderland of sorts, you can’t help but be dazzled by it’s beauty! This little island paradise lingers with you and leaves you yearning for more. My jewellery investigates the tiny treasures found in our exquisite environment and the nuanced details you might otherwise overlook” – Alexandra Mosher.

Eyebrow Pencil – MAC, Stud

Nail Polish – OPI, Umpires Come Out at Night

Mascara – Mabelline, The Rocket Volum’ Express

Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Oversized Club Masters

Necklace – Alexandra Mosher (


Hey it’s Friday again and October already, let the change of wardrobe and the Halloween costume planning begin! Thinking Pink for the start of October because if you don’t know it already, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. An annual campaign is run in order to increase the awareness of breast cancer. It is a campaign to remind the public not only about the actual disease but also the important steps in detecting the disease within its early stages and to be able to encourage others to do the same. Every year there is more and more progress made by the National Breast Cancer Foundation through events and fundraising and their goal to improve awareness. Around the word many organisations try to support this awareness through their own organisations, like the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre in Bermuda. Hosting awareness walks, raffles and other fun events are just some of the many activities you can get involved in from these organisation to help and donate in your own way to such a great cause.

I thought it would be great, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month,  to have a Think Pink Friday Favourites! Here are some of my current Pink favourites and remember to Think Pink!…



BODY LOTION – Victoria’s Secret PINK Ready to Party Body Lotion

PLANNER – Mead, Target

GLITTER DUST – Barry M (338)


HEADPHONES – Victoria’s Secret PINK online freebie (love me a little freebie offer!)


Make sure to visit National Breast Cancer Foundation ( or Bermuda’s Cancer and Health Centre ( to find out more about what you can do to help spread the awareness, find out more information yourself or donate to the cause! Give it a go and look up and see what your own local cancer support organisations offer and how you can support them!

What’s your Friday Favourites?