Happy weekend! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

Summer time is fast approaching and that means weddings, boozie brunches early dinners with friends or family that carry on into the night with rosé or mojitos in hand. So, with these occasions in mind, I love having those summer staple dresses that can be worn to any or most of these events and for everyday activities. It’s just a huge plus if it can transition you from day to night of course! 

Here was yesterday girls night out look featuring one of my new favorite dresses of the season, from one of my most favorite brands…

What I’m wearing…

Dress: Faithful The Brand, Shoes: ASOS, Belt: Zara, Bag: Clare V & Earrings: Shashi 


How is it mid January- time is flying!? Finally returning back to BDA time after travels to NYC for an Atelerie buying trip (amazing experience as always). This post should have been posted already, but just to update everyone I actually have broken my hand pretty badly this week so my schedule has been a little thrown off and things have been a little trickier then norm; but I’m managing better now and just looking forward to a speedy recovery. Anyway, where were we- buying trips are truly awesome- I get to see all the upcoming trends and help pick items for the stores upcoming seasons with my bosses. It’s always amazing to see what designers are coming up with for seasonsto come and I always feel pretty inspired by trends from each collection in my current everyday looks. I was lucky this trip and got to stay a little longer just to enjoy NYC a little bit more and I feel like I haven’t shared enough from the past couple days there. 

NYC is just a remarkable and inspiring place to say the least. Street corners, buildings, interesting graffiti and other street art. How light hits a certain intersection or building at a particular time of day. Beautiful building entrances. Captivating shop and restaurant windows. There is just so much to see and do! I like to think I was pretty successful with the extra 2 days I had- some highlights including: Central Park, Ladureé, Madison Ave, Brooklyn bridge, Soho and Broadway shopping, the black tap and other amazing meals. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from our NYC trip- including 3 of my fave new coats I recently purchased and were my NYC trip essentials.


(3 coats I’m currently coveting…)

Being in New York I totally understand the annual struggle many of you must have to find a cold weather coat which doesn’t look like the ugliest piece of clothing on earth. I was like- I am not prepared for this and ahh how will I stay warm! I’m so used to Bermuda’s cold where, max, you will ever really need is a sweater and chuck on a bomber or leather jacket and scarf and your good to go! 

So I headed straight for the perfect Parker jacket from TopShop- I have to say I was so happy with my choice and it served me incredibly well. I know navy is boring, but it matches with everything. The right Parker jacket is always a great option to have with you on a snowy trip. 

Ugh and Central Park was stunning- it was my first time exploring Central Park and it was honestly the cutest place! I could imagine what it’s like to see it bloom during the Spring or see the leafs fall in Fall, and then all white in Winter- simply stunning! I was thinking how cute it would be to take Prince and let him play with the dozens of dogs you see there. It was my favorite thing to see- the cute little happy dogs loving life in the park! I felt like I needed to add a little contrast so I went with this darker vampy lip instead. To be honest, it was a little darker than I expected and once you put liquid lipstick on you can’t turn back. I embraced it though and I think it actually works really well with this outfit! Words can’t describe how much I love my Jocelyn Fur jacket! I was so excited to wear it in NYC and it was amazing how warm it kept me even during an early morning walk in Central Park where it was so chilly- think I was loving my time there so much I could barely think of the cold anyway!

My other favorite winter purchase was this cheap and cheerful Miss Guided coat and I love how perfectly it goes with half my wardrobe and my favorite Nikes. I loved the sporty feel of this outfit- with the perfect dusty coat, the final touch was this fun brick colored pants from TopShop that made me really love this look. When it comes to winter accessories/ outfits I try to pair things based on similar color families. I also prefer coats with a longer cut like this one, as they comfortably cover knee-length dresses and cardigans.

I hope everyone has had a better week then I have unfortunately- but I’m okay and outfit planning will be interesting but I love a little challenge sometimes (just trying to stay positive!) This weekend was so beautiful here and I hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing weekend! Thank you for always checking in- Chao! 


I can’t believe it’s like mid summer already- June has flown by so quickly! So, who else loves going strapless for summer? One of my favorite summer styles is strapless tops and dresses, especially when they have feminine details like embroidery or eyelet. This trend is everywhere now and I love it! This embroided off the shoulder dress looks so sweet with some casual lace up sandals. What’s great about off the shoulder dresses is they keep you cool during the summer heat, and I love that you don’t have to deal with those silly bra straps- you don’t have to wear a bra at all realistically either which makes then 10 times better! 

Don’t forget, 4th of July is here this weekend as well, so that means get ready for lots of red, white and blue! Luckily these colors in this Love Sam Dress work perfectly for all summer long, not just for Independence Day. 

This is the is honestly the cutest embroided dress with subtle red white and navy print, making it one of the loveliest white off the shoulder dresses I’ve had yet and perfect for this Summer! I especially love this dress because it just feels so comfortable!- nothing beats that feeling when you need comfort the most on a hot summer day. You could wear it with a matte red lip to make it even more patriotic for upcoming 4th of July too, and this fun red matchy matchy Clare V clutch couldn’t go more perfectly. Accent or bold clutches are for sure the way to go- they’re perfect for  summer time!

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! I must say that life is so much better when its warm outside here in Bermuda! Especially when you have someone to share all the beauty of Bermuda with and when your boyfriend isn’t grumpy for taking photos of you because for once its not raining- winning! Bermuda summers are all about being outdoors with friends and family and enjoying traditions. Life is also so much better when you wear a cute outfit of course, like this one- life is too short to waste it on bad outfits, right? Make sure you’re set for summer and embrace the off the shoulder trend!

So, I’m excited to spend my 4th of July weekend soaking up the sun- I hope you all have a great rest of your week! Check back for more summer post coming soon! Have a great evening, pretties!


Love Sam dress – Atelerie (Bermuda)

Steve Madden Lace Up Sandals– Trends (Bermuda)

Clare V Clutch – Atelerie (Bermuda)

Ray Ban Sunglasses – Sunglass and Watch Shop (Bermuda)


      Bermuda is exactly what Paradise looks like in my head and I am still so proud just to call it my home! I love just being outside on a Bermuda-ful weekend every chance I get. Bermuda is one of the best examples of paradise living and undoubtedly an ideal getaway with its endless blue sea, cute island architecture and culture and the most spectacular sunsets I can still say I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Feel free to check my Insta-feed for evidence. (@cicissecret)  I wanted to share my ideal outfit for such a heavenly place this time of year, when the weather is just so perfect- not too cool and not too hot and the sun feels amazing when it gets the chance to come out! Yesterday I combined black with black, giving all the attention to the accessories and to a touch of romantic lace- and keeping true to my all black style that I love in an outfit! I like how perfectly this new Kayu bag matched with a pair of my favorite wedge sandals I have had for ages and I adore and accessorized with this monochrome Hat Attack Hat so well! Monotone dressing is a great excuse to add bold shoes or a bag to the mix. This outfit truly made me feel confident and reflected my everyday personal style perfectly! If someone ever asked me to describe my style with one outfit, I would hands-down choose this one at the moment! Raffia, wedges and white and black-LOVE IT!    I’ve currently been big fan of romantic styles- frills, ruffles, lace, the more the better. The great thing about Cami NYC tops is that so many of them are in black and white, my favorite of course!- But mainly because it’s a refreshing change to have that feminine feel for a top without having to do pinks, purples and florals that are more commonly associated with these feminine styles. I’ve paired this subtle romantic lace blouse with my FCUK wide leg black pants for a more casual, but yet still pulled together kind of, Spring or Summer day look- perfect for the weekend, here in Bermuda.    If you’re looking to add an accessory to your daily look that you can wear with every outfit and on any occasion that will really make a statement. Rather than a statement bag or shoe, instead keep an eye out for a pair of stylish sunglasses that will easily draw attention and complement your look. I love my new Dita, Talon, sunglasses because of their vintage aviator look but with a modern feel- really embracing that Hollywood iconic Golden Age vibe that they are inspired by.      What I Wore:Cami NYC Lace Top – Atelerie 

Wide Leg Black Trousers – French Connection 

Wedge Sandals – Old (Similar Here/ Here)

Hat Attack Hat – Atelerie 

Kayu Bag – Atelerie 

Dita Sunglasses – Sunglass and Watch Shop

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and didn’t have a case of the Monday blues too much! Enjoy your week and stay posted!



I’m still pretty shocked that it’s April already, where has time gone! – but we are just that little bit closer to summer now! These parallel lines are a timeless classic that will always have a place in my wardrobe. Both these beautifully striped tops fit the bill perfectly of that classic Parisian feel and both brands quality are outstanding! There are dozens of new ways to make a basic striped shirt that much more special. It’s all about the subtle updates like, crop tops, bigger sleeves, spaced stripes, off the shoulder looks and ruffled arms.       If there is a trend that I want to wear a lot this Spring and even during the summer it’s off the shoulder tops and dresses- these styles can bring some femininity to a outfit. In this outfit I am wearing a Mara Hoffman top that has even more femininity to it thanks to the ruffled layered look-another trend this Spring. Ruffles aren’t easy however, sometimes they can be hard to fit your body and can not be forgiving, but I think this top is done exactly right with the one larger ruffle. 

I had been looking for some high-waisted flares for about a year now, and I discovered this pair at Orange Bay Company, Bermuda, that fit perfectly- considering how petite I am especially for flares! In the RG magazine I talked about making a statement in your denim this Spring. I didn’t want to talk to much about one of my favorite trends (statement denim) in this blog post because I’m looking forward to sharing a wishlist of my favorite statement denim in an upcoming blog post. But… I just wanted to share how amazing having a pair of flares for Spring/ Summer in your wardrobe is. These flares really feel comfy and make me feel so confident in them- a must when picking out an outfit to wear no matter what! 

   Hope everyone has been enjoying a little closer look at my RG magazine top trends for Spring and hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! Thanks for staying posted and be sure to check back for some more upcoming Spring trends!

Get the look:

Joie Striped Top: Atelerie (Bermuda)

 Vintage Studded Flares: Orange Bay Company (Bermuda)

Rebecca Little Jewelry Lariat Necklace

Pared Sunnies: Regali by Luxury Gifts Bermuda

Brown Wedges: Miss Selfridge (UK)

Mara Hoffman Off The Shoulder Top: Atelerie (Bermuda)

Joni White Jeans: TOPSHOP 




Happy Monday! Hope everyone is feeling the Spring vibes for the fresh start of April! Sometimes this time of year is a little confused because of the forever changing weather. I find myself wanting to wear all seasons of my wardrobe at once- a oversized Jean jacket and breezy mini skirt or white jeans seemed like the perfect partners. As you already know this blush tone trend is currently one of my favorite things about Spring but there are so many reasons to love Spring, especially here in Bermuda! So, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!1. We are just that little bit closer to summer!

2. It’s not that dark anymore when your alarm rings at 7am and when you finish your job around 6pm there’s still daylight for you to enjoy!

3. It’s dress season- picking an outfit is easy! It takes a second to put on and your outfit is basically done… Voilà! 

4. Even better then dress season, it’s Festival season! Outfit planning and looking forward to an upcoming vacation is exciting enough for Spring and Summer! – but being able to experience a festival is a must! I’m excited for all my friends with plans for Cochella coming up so soon!

5. You can buy amazing flowers, like my personal favorite, tulips, to freshen up your home decor.

6. You can open your windows and the air feels so lovely & smells so fresh- your lucky if you live near a bunch of wild freesias! I love passing patches of fresh freesias, it’s the best Spring scent!

7. I can finally potentially be tan again! Yes please!

8. You feel energized and you’re happier and usually on a huge fitness hype! Getting beach body ready!

9. It’s always fun to spot the new Summer collections & buy your first colorful Spring/ Summer items.

10. Time to spend more time outdoors! It’s so good to enjoy the first sunlight on the terrace with a cup of tea or end your day with a nice walk enjoying the a beautiful sunset! 

 What I wore

Vince Blouse (Atelerie)

Oversized Jean Jacket & White High Waist Jeans (TopShop)

Clare V Clutch (Atelerie)

Pared Sunnies (Regali by Luxury Gifts Bermuda)