Happy weekend! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

Summer time is fast approaching and that means weddings, boozie brunches early dinners with friends or family that carry on into the night with rosé or mojitos in hand. So, with these occasions in mind, I love having those summer staple dresses that can be worn to any or most of these events and for everyday activities. It’s just a huge plus if it can transition you from day to night of course! 

Here was yesterday girls night out look featuring one of my new favorite dresses of the season, from one of my most favorite brands…

What I’m wearing…

Dress: Faithful The Brand, Shoes: ASOS, Belt: Zara, Bag: Clare V & Earrings: Shashi 


Hey guys! Happy Sunday and happy weekend! Hope everyone’s weekend has been amazing! It was gorgeous weather here today in Bermuda! Today’s post is actually yesterday afternoon’s look. 

So, I’m not sure what to call this look but we can just go with “off duty” chic! All I know is, these are currently some of my favorite new items in my Spring wardrobe- especially my bandana (from HERE / HERE). Accessorizing with a colourful, printed bandana or neckerchief is one easiest ways to take a comfy casual or basic look to the next level. I also really like how it looks with any type of denim: jeans, skirts, and overalls but I absolutely love pairing it back to stripes! Bandanas are a nice way to add colour, interest and dimension to your outfit in an easy and affordable way. Tie one on your bag, under a collared shirt, around your wrist! Mix it up and have fun with it! 

How are you having fun with fashion this spring? I thought I’d share my favorite ways to tie a neckerchief or bandana at the moment…

What I wore: Top: Rag & Bone, Pants: Bailey 44, Bag: French Connection, Bandana: Chan Luu, Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere, Shoes: Vince

Hope you have a great Sunday evening and thanks for checking out my post! See ya! Xx


With each change in season, I always seem to fall in love over and over again with the whatever season it currently is more then the others (so typical)- and my soul is happier now that spring is in the air! 

Spring is here and I hope everyone is having a great first day of Spring! It truly feels like spring now that daylight savings has just passed. I have to admit though the time change still has me all messed up- anyone else feeling that way!? Overall transition seasons are pretty special, the colours and bright fresh mornings fill me with excitement every time I wake up! 

So here’s a Spring tip: start your morning with a little touch of sunshine yellow! Yellow instills energy and can spark creative thoughts, which is much needed on a Monday morning for sure! … Just a fun fact to encourage you to use pops of color to make a pretty basic outfit a bit more lively! 

So here is Sunday’s look with pops of sunshine yellow accessories! Sunday just flew by! I cleaned up a bit, cuddled Marcus and then grabbed some brunch at Devils Isle- typical Sunday activities really. Then back to a day of lounging around and multiple cups of tea! 

I’m in love with my new favorite clear yellow sunnies from Nelly- their super cool if I say so myself! Matched with my Moschino yellow bag and new Rag and Bone dungarees (yes @atelerie !). I can sometimes look like I’m 5 again in dungarees but I love it! I love having not so average denim and I’m always willing to try new styles of denim to avoid boring outfits with boring denim- and fun dungarees like these flared ones are the perfect way to embrace cooler denim. I defo recommend starting your spring off with a fun new pair of denim- pick something you never thought you’d try and just give it a go!!!

So, I’m just currently having an obsession over colors like this mustardy yellow, and because I don’t often actually wear colors like this, or even colors at all, I like to try and include them in my outfits as accessories or shoes. It can really make an outfit pop! 

So lastly, here are some other yellow accessories I’m currently loving/ eyeing up right now… Gucci crossbody, Zara mules, Aritzia bag, and these Dior sunnies

Have a great week everyone! Hope my morning of mustard has been inspiring and remember to step out of your comfort zone- even just once this Spring!

What I wore… Top: Rebecca Taylor, Dungarees: Rag & Bone, Shoes: converse, Bag: Moschino, Sunnies: Nelly


Hi guys! Here’s yesterday’s comfy Sunday look-I just wanted to be comfy but I still wanted to rock my new TopShop pinafore dress. We went for an amazing Sunday walk with the pup and BF, after I spent the morning brunching with two of my favorite girls, Riley (@lifeofrileyrose) and Dacotah (@dacotahbaksh)- it was such a beautiful Sunday here- Bermuda truly never seizes to amaze me! 

I love pinafore dresses but make it pink and velvet I most definitely have to have it. I’m sure you would all agree when we first heard velvet was coming back, we thought it wouldn’t stick around- am I wrong? It would just be a trend that passes quickly and isn’t seen for years later again, did anyone else have that feeling? (Think we might have been wrong- looks like velvet is here to stay even through upcoming seasons as we are already starting to see.) It’s one of my favorite things to see when an old trend comes back and really sticks around! When I wear velvet I tend to like to keep the rest of my outfit minimal- i love how velvet is somehow always a good statement all on its own! That’s why I kept it simple when pairing this super cute pink pinafore dress from TopShop (find them here) with a plain black T and some super simple black glove booties. When it comes to wearing colour, I struggle. I know where I stand with black, white and grey and that’s why I love soft pastel colors like this pink- it makes wearing colors a lot easier and really quirks up a boring all neutral outfit. 

Having a mostly all black wardrobe, I tend to buy more things that go with what I currently wear- which basically means I’m still in that all black circle. While darker shades will probably always be my most loved, I am trying to add some more colour to my life like soft pinks like this super cute pinafore dress. Recently, I’ve been loving pastel tones alongside my usual favourites – tans, blacks, whites and greys.

For when I really can’t step away from my beloved neutrals I’ve got a couple of pairs of shoes and accessories in nudey-pastel shades. I know they are not necessarily bright statement pieces but when paired with similar colors you don’t look like your forever dressed like I’m in mourning or some sort of ninja. For Spring, I’m going to try and venture into more pastels.

What spring trends are you currently eyeing up? You know what I really can’t wait for is those velvet pink Joie slides that will be coming to atelerie this early spring that I featured in my last post. Here

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I hope this was a pick me up from the Monday blue- thanks for checking in!


How is it mid January- time is flying!? Finally returning back to BDA time after travels to NYC for an Atelerie buying trip (amazing experience as always). This post should have been posted already, but just to update everyone I actually have broken my hand pretty badly this week so my schedule has been a little thrown off and things have been a little trickier then norm; but I’m managing better now and just looking forward to a speedy recovery. Anyway, where were we- buying trips are truly awesome- I get to see all the upcoming trends and help pick items for the stores upcoming seasons with my bosses. It’s always amazing to see what designers are coming up with for seasonsto come and I always feel pretty inspired by trends from each collection in my current everyday looks. I was lucky this trip and got to stay a little longer just to enjoy NYC a little bit more and I feel like I haven’t shared enough from the past couple days there. 

NYC is just a remarkable and inspiring place to say the least. Street corners, buildings, interesting graffiti and other street art. How light hits a certain intersection or building at a particular time of day. Beautiful building entrances. Captivating shop and restaurant windows. There is just so much to see and do! I like to think I was pretty successful with the extra 2 days I had- some highlights including: Central Park, Ladureé, Madison Ave, Brooklyn bridge, Soho and Broadway shopping, the black tap and other amazing meals. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from our NYC trip- including 3 of my fave new coats I recently purchased and were my NYC trip essentials.


(3 coats I’m currently coveting…)

Being in New York I totally understand the annual struggle many of you must have to find a cold weather coat which doesn’t look like the ugliest piece of clothing on earth. I was like- I am not prepared for this and ahh how will I stay warm! I’m so used to Bermuda’s cold where, max, you will ever really need is a sweater and chuck on a bomber or leather jacket and scarf and your good to go! 

So I headed straight for the perfect Parker jacket from TopShop- I have to say I was so happy with my choice and it served me incredibly well. I know navy is boring, but it matches with everything. The right Parker jacket is always a great option to have with you on a snowy trip. 

Ugh and Central Park was stunning- it was my first time exploring Central Park and it was honestly the cutest place! I could imagine what it’s like to see it bloom during the Spring or see the leafs fall in Fall, and then all white in Winter- simply stunning! I was thinking how cute it would be to take Prince and let him play with the dozens of dogs you see there. It was my favorite thing to see- the cute little happy dogs loving life in the park! I felt like I needed to add a little contrast so I went with this darker vampy lip instead. To be honest, it was a little darker than I expected and once you put liquid lipstick on you can’t turn back. I embraced it though and I think it actually works really well with this outfit! Words can’t describe how much I love my Jocelyn Fur jacket! I was so excited to wear it in NYC and it was amazing how warm it kept me even during an early morning walk in Central Park where it was so chilly- think I was loving my time there so much I could barely think of the cold anyway!

My other favorite winter purchase was this cheap and cheerful Miss Guided coat and I love how perfectly it goes with half my wardrobe and my favorite Nikes. I loved the sporty feel of this outfit- with the perfect dusty coat, the final touch was this fun brick colored pants from TopShop that made me really love this look. When it comes to winter accessories/ outfits I try to pair things based on similar color families. I also prefer coats with a longer cut like this one, as they comfortably cover knee-length dresses and cardigans.

I hope everyone has had a better week then I have unfortunately- but I’m okay and outfit planning will be interesting but I love a little challenge sometimes (just trying to stay positive!) This weekend was so beautiful here and I hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing weekend! Thank you for always checking in- Chao! 

New year new me (kind of thing)

As much as I want to share my styling of this super cute DVF wrap bodysuit, distressed denim and my current love for bralettes in today’s post, I’m instead spilling the scoop on what my hopes are for 2017!As always, I feel guilty for not being as active on the blog and on social media recently, but to shortly recap the last few months of 2016- I got the best job ever at local boutique, Atelerie, as store manager, I celebrated my 24th birthday in true grandma style with my pjs and online shopping, cup of tea by my side and then, Marcus, the gem that he is, treated me to a much needed spa day at Willowstream at the Southampton Princess, for a birthday treat! (Amazing!) Then wow, Christmas season in retail, I’m sure you can imagine- way to busy to even get a second for a blog post thought; but not getting a blog post out in a while made me want to get into a more active routine and was exactly what made me choose my first New Years resolution (every bloggers New Years resolution really): BLOG MORE! The first of my goals going into 2017 is to be more present. I’ve said it before, but prepare to get sick of me because I mean it this time! 

Well I guess the next goal goes along side the first- start of a new year, comes the wishes for the perfect new wardrobe to be able to share my love for and blog about! A girl can dream right! But seriously who doesn’t wish to build the “perfect” wardrobe!The year of long weekends- it’s the best time to travel this year! I would love to take better advantage of these long weekends and plan much further in advance so I can take a trip or two and just get traveling more often! As much as my goals should probably involve saving more I’m totally going with, I much rather travel more because the more you travel the more you see and that’s so important to me! Life is all about the experiences! 

DRINK MORE WATER! I know this doesn’t sound very exciting but there are so many health related benefits to drinking more water and recently I’ve realized I’ve not been drinking enough- which made me realize how important this one is! Drinking water keeps your skin feeling young and hydrated so it isn’t dry. Drinking lots of water can help to reduce wrinkles and cause a plumping effect for the skin- in the best way possible. This one sounds so easy to do but it’s amazing the how many people, including myself, who just don’t drink nearly enough water in a day! This next one I’m pretty good at anyway- washing my makeup filled face off every night! I would say at least 6 nights of the week I stick to my routine but if I could make it a perfect 7 would be ideal. I love waking up in the morning with a fresh face! Plus that’s one less thing you need to do in the morning and that time can be used more wisely on getting ready in the am and taking your time more. Healthier breakfasts- I can already think of two of my favorite people that are going to be so disappointed at my guilty confession of having a coffee roll almost every morning for breakfast but that’s okay I promise I’m already on a good start for 2017! So far it’s been all about the granola bowls and other much healthier options and my mornings are already starting to feel better! It’s crazy how something as small as making smarter choices about what you have for breakfast that can really change your mood and energy in the morning everyday and even throughout the day!

I’ve hit the gym! – New Year new me kind of thing (standard)! Nothing like realizing the belly you’ve acquired over the xmas period is really not cute and nothing like you wishing you had that 2016 body back (not that that was amazing either but you get the idea) to get you on that new year new me fitness hype! Yup that’s me right now! No denying it!

Enough of my rambling, but I just wanted to share some thoughts with you. I cannot thank you all enough for reading my blog for allowing me to share parts of my life with you- and with hopes to share even more this year. You guys are the best and I hope to be more present for those of you making me so present in your everyday lives! Thank you!