Happy weekend! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

Summer time is fast approaching and that means weddings, boozie brunches early dinners with friends or family that carry on into the night with rosé or mojitos in hand. So, with these occasions in mind, I love having those summer staple dresses that can be worn to any or most of these events and for everyday activities. It’s just a huge plus if it can transition you from day to night of course! 

Here was yesterday girls night out look featuring one of my new favorite dresses of the season, from one of my most favorite brands…

What I’m wearing…

Dress: Faithful The Brand, Shoes: ASOS, Belt: Zara, Bag: Clare V & Earrings: Shashi 

New year new me (kind of thing)

As much as I want to share my styling of this super cute DVF wrap bodysuit, distressed denim and my current love for bralettes in today’s post, I’m instead spilling the scoop on what my hopes are for 2017!As always, I feel guilty for not being as active on the blog and on social media recently, but to shortly recap the last few months of 2016- I got the best job ever at local boutique, Atelerie, as store manager, I celebrated my 24th birthday in true grandma style with my pjs and online shopping, cup of tea by my side and then, Marcus, the gem that he is, treated me to a much needed spa day at Willowstream at the Southampton Princess, for a birthday treat! (Amazing!) Then wow, Christmas season in retail, I’m sure you can imagine- way to busy to even get a second for a blog post thought; but not getting a blog post out in a while made me want to get into a more active routine and was exactly what made me choose my first New Years resolution (every bloggers New Years resolution really): BLOG MORE! The first of my goals going into 2017 is to be more present. I’ve said it before, but prepare to get sick of me because I mean it this time! 

Well I guess the next goal goes along side the first- start of a new year, comes the wishes for the perfect new wardrobe to be able to share my love for and blog about! A girl can dream right! But seriously who doesn’t wish to build the “perfect” wardrobe!The year of long weekends- it’s the best time to travel this year! I would love to take better advantage of these long weekends and plan much further in advance so I can take a trip or two and just get traveling more often! As much as my goals should probably involve saving more I’m totally going with, I much rather travel more because the more you travel the more you see and that’s so important to me! Life is all about the experiences! 

DRINK MORE WATER! I know this doesn’t sound very exciting but there are so many health related benefits to drinking more water and recently I’ve realized I’ve not been drinking enough- which made me realize how important this one is! Drinking water keeps your skin feeling young and hydrated so it isn’t dry. Drinking lots of water can help to reduce wrinkles and cause a plumping effect for the skin- in the best way possible. This one sounds so easy to do but it’s amazing the how many people, including myself, who just don’t drink nearly enough water in a day! This next one I’m pretty good at anyway- washing my makeup filled face off every night! I would say at least 6 nights of the week I stick to my routine but if I could make it a perfect 7 would be ideal. I love waking up in the morning with a fresh face! Plus that’s one less thing you need to do in the morning and that time can be used more wisely on getting ready in the am and taking your time more. Healthier breakfasts- I can already think of two of my favorite people that are going to be so disappointed at my guilty confession of having a coffee roll almost every morning for breakfast but that’s okay I promise I’m already on a good start for 2017! So far it’s been all about the granola bowls and other much healthier options and my mornings are already starting to feel better! It’s crazy how something as small as making smarter choices about what you have for breakfast that can really change your mood and energy in the morning everyday and even throughout the day!

I’ve hit the gym! – New Year new me kind of thing (standard)! Nothing like realizing the belly you’ve acquired over the xmas period is really not cute and nothing like you wishing you had that 2016 body back (not that that was amazing either but you get the idea) to get you on that new year new me fitness hype! Yup that’s me right now! No denying it!

Enough of my rambling, but I just wanted to share some thoughts with you. I cannot thank you all enough for reading my blog for allowing me to share parts of my life with you- and with hopes to share even more this year. You guys are the best and I hope to be more present for those of you making me so present in your everyday lives! Thank you!


There are so many things to love about consignment shopping, the most important is being able to find some amazing designer pieces for a fraction of the designer cost. Orange Bay Company is exactly that: amazing selection for amazing prices. Orange Bay Company consignment store has some of the most unique home furnishings and accessories; where customers include both buyers and sellers of gently-used fine furniture, accessories and clothing.   TOP: ARMANI EXCHANGE SWEATER + HOSS SHEER TOP, TROUSERS: BLACK ORCHID, SHOES: NINE WEST, NECKLACE: VINTAGE DREAM CATCHER NECKLACE

I personally love everything about how Orange Bay works and I’m also personally a consigner myself. I take all sorts of items here; barely worn, some times not even worn once or items I have no more need for that are still in great condition that just need a better home and to be worn by the right person who’s going to love it to bits! 

“When you consign an item, we display it in our showroom for up to 90 days where it can be viewed by hundreds of potential buyers. When the piece is sold, you will receive 50% of the proceeds. We’ll work with you to establish an appropriate, initial price for your item. If, after 30 days, the item has not sold, we’ll drop the price by 15%. After 60 days, we’ll drop it a further 15%.” – Orange Bay Company

The great thing about Orange Bay Company is that they stage your items, heightening the buying potential.Being a good thrift hunter involves anything but luck. Sometimes it takes a couple misses before you find an incredible hit! One of my hobbies happens to involve scouring Orange Bay Company, looking for unique finds and vintage pieces like some I loved finding during my day at Orange Bay Company. The act of ‘fashion treasure hunting’, I live for it! Sometimes it takes some time and a real hunt but the deals and the chance of finding a really original piece are so worth it!  I was so excited when I was given the privilege of collaborating with Orange Bay Company and to be the first of a new monthly social media feature they have started; and what a great idea it is! I was able to style some of my favorite finds currently stocked at their store! Orange Bay Company is such a well organized company, and with exceptional staff it was so much fun spending the day with them. Together we rounded up some amazing pieces, both vintage and contemporary in order to put together some truly unique outfits. We made sure to incorporate 2016’s current trends. TOP: ALBERTO GALLO, TROUSERS: JANE HUNTER STUDDED FLARES, SHOES: JIMMY CHOO, SCARF: UNKNOWN VINTAGE SCARF, BAG: H & M

– I find personally that some times wearing a bold color like red can be tricky, the key is to keeping it more minimal. Let the color speak for itself! That’s why I tend to wear reds within my accessories or a cheeky red lip to brighten up an outfit.

Orange Bay Company is definitely one of my favorite places to shop because it’s so well curated. They do such a good job selecting designer clothing items where each piece is hand selected for quality and condition. A real community favorite!   Orange Bay Company offers a great variety of styles and sizes in clothing and accessories that makes it so easy to suit anyone’s personal style. I was able to find so many bits that could easily fit in with my personal wardrobe as well as styles that are currently trending this new year! So I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite current trends when I was styling with Orange Bay Company. From the apparent increasing khaki and nude everything trend, knotted neck scarfs, flattering flares, mustard yellow hues, classic oversized sweaters and one of my must haves, boyfriend jeans! TOP: TOPSHOP PETITE, TROUSERS: BOOHOO, SHOES: NINE WEST BAG: DUNE, SCARF: UNKNOWNMy personal favorite item was my now newly purchased vintage, Italian made,Via Spigas loafers that are in immaculate condition! They were such an amazing deal that I was so excited to find, they are my ideal vintage find and the perfect fit, I just couldn’t leave them behind! $300 uniquely vintage loafers for under $30 what a find!

The idea of shopping discount stores, will at most times, receive negative connotations. This is why I was eager to show people the amazing really cool stuff you can find (as long as you really look). Ever since I can remember I’ve had an infatuation with vintage shopping/thrifting. Orange Bay Company is visually merchandised so well that it’s almost impossible to not find some thing you will love. You may even end up filling a gap in your wardrobe with a classic staple or a unique find. Oh and did I forget to mention that they constantly replenish their $5 Deals rack. Here is where you can find so many high end designers like I’ve featured at just $5; crazy! So don’t forget to stop by the shop soon!  TOP: ASOS, SKIRT: GAP, SHOES: VIA SPIGAS VINTAGE LOAFERS, HAT: TONCAN COLLECTION SUEDE HAT


All my finds during my day at Orange Bay Company were winners in my book and I would happily go back treasure hunting again and again any day! Shop any of my looks and more at Orange Bay Company’s store! 

I’d like to personally thank Delight Morris (owner) and Orange Bay Company’s marketing/ store staff for collaborating with Ci Ci’s Secrets. I’m looking forward to both working and shopping with Orange Bay Company again soon, as well as keeping up with their monthly social media feature updates! So stay posted! 

Don’t forget to follow myself and The Orange Bay Company and see more from this post on our Instagrams @bdaaraujo and @orangebaycompany!

“Save the world by vintage !” – Orange Bay Company.




The year is almost over but we still got some parties to go, YAY! 2015 was a pretty good year for me and I am wrapping it up with a OOTD on a beautiful December day in Bermuda!

Here I am wearing a plaid 80s inspired A-line New Look skirt, which had their highlighted moment this year, and I hope the 80s trends will still be a trend in 2016. I am surprisingly not over the 80s inspired fashion yet! Right now I am considerably obsessed with turtlenecks, so I chose to wear this cute grey one from Zara and some super comfy ankle boots both, as well as my favorite faux leather jacket, both from H & M.


This is what I looked like yesterday! I love my 50 shades of grey!




It is now time to wave goodbye to 2015. Can you imagine it? This year has flown by, I honestly feel like it was just yesterday that we started 2015 and all of a sudden its all over!

Wishing only the best for your 2016 year to come!

– Ci Ci xo


I’m currently coveting the side split tunic trend at the moment. When it’s blazing hot outside, the last thing you want to be feeling is constrained by your clothes. So to stay cool, I’ve been taking advantage of hot weather trends like the side split tunic tops. These side split tops allow you to show a little skin without looking too risqué. I’d say they’re the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. There are so many great stores that are currently carrying this trend that I had to share some of my favorites. These tops are great paired with shorts or a bikini for the warmer days this summer as well as a great way to make your trousers or jeans more interesting; and plus most of them are 70′s style so they will be perfect for next season, as you know this trend is back for the upcoming fall season this year.

Below you’ll find an assortment of my favorite side split tunic top looks I just can’t get enough of…

This month I’ve got my eye on the more sheer, maxi or shorter tunic top styles to pair over my bikinis and with some cute gladiator sandles.


Forever 21: Chiffon-Paneled Longline High-Slit Top

Forever 21: Caged Side Slit Tee

Urban Outfitters : Project Social T High Side-Slit Tank Top

Club L : Sequin Side Split Maxi Top

River Island : Split Front Tunic

BooHoo : High Neck Side Split Tunic

Free People : Bad Girls Tunic with Side Splits in Mineral Green

Helmut Lang : Lawn Cotton Sleevless Shirt

New Look : Side Split Tunic


I’m excited to do my first of many more to come holiday post and I am literally so excited Christmas is almost here! Only 5 more Wednesdays away! Decorations are up around the city, Christmas party and outfit planning, gift shopping and yummy scents all around. So in the spirit of Christmas I thought I’d share some of my current online girly gift guide favorites from some of my favorite stores that could help inspire some girly gift ideas. It’s so nice that most online stores do a gift guide for Christmas to help you out if your stuck for ideas, just super busy or for some of us who are buying gifts for someone who seems to have it all already and just need that little bit more inspiration! Some of my favorite sites that have these amazing girly gift guides are miss selfridge, topshop, miss guided and ASOS. Make sure to grab some great gifts from some of these stores for moms, sisters, friends, party hostess or any other special ladies in your life for great main gifts or perfect stocking stuffers. I know some times it’s hard to find gifts at specific price points and specific interest so I tried to pick some that varied pretty well in prices. It’s great to get your holiday shopping list all done and to sit back with some wine or eggnog and ignore the frantic last minute rush, to then just relax and enjoy the holiday instead, stress free!

Miss Selfridgeimage

J’Adore Clutch: this stylish neutral clutch is a personal favorite I actually own and love so much! It’s perfect for the more trendy ladies in your life, maybe a best fiend or sister, and perfect for carrying essentials for a night out.
imageLondon Lash Wardrobe: The holiday is all about going all out, glitz and glam! So why not help stock up on these perfect beauty holiday essentials! Plus with such a pretty wardrobe packaging, she’s sure to love it!

imagePink embellished beanie: So I saw this adorable beanie and I thought it was too cute! Who says its hard to wear winter pastels? Staying warm and staying cute definitely a double win!


imagePack of pop party props: Who doesn’t love one or two goofy Christmas presents. I can’t get enough of how cute these props are to create some funny holiday selfies with the girls. There perfect for a small but memorable hostess gift or some funny family Christmas photos.
imageChecked Shirt: An perfect basic checked shirt is always a wardrobe necessity for any girl. Plus this topshop one has a flattering fit and can be worn on its own, matched with a T or even, the popular, tied round the waists look. It’s perfect for any age and such a great priced topshop top!


Tripi Snake Skaters: There’s so many people who say buying shoes as a gift is a big no no, but for some one like a sister or best friend who your always with and know all their secrets and favorites, I’m pretty sure you won’t find it difficult to know their shoe size and what they love! It’s also a safe bet to grab a pair they wear loads and love but in other colors so you know it’s a style they are use to any way.

Miss Guided


Wednesday color block faux fur scarf: This would totally be one of my ideal gifts for this winter. I’m all about the faux fur trends at the minute and a faux fur gift would be an ideal gift for any trendy girl to dress up her winter wardrobe.

imageKada stripped onesie: PJs are always a Christmas gift favorite, but these super cute onesies from misguided are just a must! They look so cozy and would be perfect for chilling round a fire with some hot coco. I know moms always love adding some comfy PJs to be in to their collection for those comfy cozy days round the house in the winter.
imageJami Bluetooth pink speaker: What a great gifty idea, what girl doesn’t love a bit of music to dance around or belt out her love songs to and now she can pack this cute speaker with her where ever she goes.


imageOhh Deer Je T’aime pillow: ASOS have a load of fun home gift ideas to dress up any girls room and add that extra girly touch with some fun room accessories. It’s perfect for dorm decor or a cute girly apartment.
imageGHD Eclipse styler and rose gold heat mat: One of the newest from the GHD collection, and definitely on my Christmas wish list is the GHD eclipse. Any girl would love a new beauty addition like this and is definitely a great Christmas gift investment because it’s going to last ages. Not to mention how GHD is such a good quality brand, by far my favorite of course.  imageBenefit Primping with the Stars gift set: Lastly make up sets are always a great gift. You can get classic loved favorites or a few things they haven’t tried but might come to love. It’s like the ultimate beauty sampler that still last ages as well so a great value for cost. Plus any girly girl loves trying out new beauty products so it’s sure to put a smile on her face, as well as leaving her looking glamorous!