I love clothing and to dress up but also feel nice and comfortable at the same time! This outfit consisting of: Sundry Tee, TopShop denim, Zaful lofers, Vintage Levis denim jacket and my favorite red tote, perfect of all my work essentials, from Zara. This is one of my favorite go-to on the go outfits: a comfortable white tee, cute high-waisted jeans and a fun shoe and a pop of color in accessories. You can also wear a cute pair of sneakers to dress it down. Super simple and can be worn anywhere! I love it!

Everyone has their favorite basics! I thought I might share my favorite brands to shop where to find my basics….


There is no denying I fall into the petite category especially when it comes to shopping for jeans. Although I have some luck with finding some non-petite jeans that still work- my go to when shopping for my basic denim still will have to be TopShops Petite denim. They always have the best variety in petite jeans from off-duty to dressed up in multiple style and washes I love! The main style I love in my denim is making sure its high waisted and TopShop petite denim really nails that style for me ever time and I’ve learnt my size and fit so I have the confidence of finding a pair online no problem without having to try on which is perfect! Makes denim shopping so easy for me!

Now I know not everyone falls into that petite category so if I could recommend other favorite denim brands to grab your basics from that don’t specifically target just petite they would be:

–       Citizens of humanity

–       Paige denim

–       Rag & Bone

–       Frame denim

–       All Saints


I have a few favorite brands that I like to get my basic tees from:

–       ATM

–       Sundry

–       Rag & Bone

–       Don’t ask why

All of which I love buying the simplest of tees from because I know 1. They will be crazy soft and comfortable, 2. I always love the fit and 3. They always keep up to date with the trends in basics as well has carry a core collection that I can get my favorites from no matter the time of year or when I’ve run down one of my favorites- I love my basics! Sometimes a little too much! – but it’s always good to update your basics from time to time and I would defo recommend getting your must haves from these 4 brands!

LMK if you have any questions on finding your basics or where I find mine! Happy basics shopping!


One of the best parts of living in Bermuda is being so close to the beach at all times. It truly makes me feel so grateful and I find just taking a stroll on the beach inspires me as well as gives me peace and calm especially after a hectic work day or on a beautiful Sunday.

Even though I was born and raised here I love playing tourist, adventuring, exploring and simply just enjoying the beach! I still think there’s loads of places on the island I haven’t seen, as small as the island is, believe it or not! However, as a local, I can honestly say just spending some time at the beach is one of the best things to spend your Sunday doing if you live in Bermuda! One of my favorite beaches of the many beautiful beaches in Bermuda is Horseshoe bay but my real favorite might be a secret (shhh!). ….Horseshoe bay is also rated one of the one of the best beaches in the world- just saying!


AirBnB as really become one of the most popular ways for travelers to find accommodation over the past few years- and for the most part it is actually cheaper then booking a hotel room. Even though I had heard such great experiences from friends and family I was still a bit skeptical about the whole AirBnB situation- I mean I’ve always gone to a hotel or resort that I know have to have a certain standard, right? Whereas I thought with AirBnB you never really know what it’s going to be like until you arrive. I was so happy to say thanks to our visit to LA the AirBnB which we stayed in for the first time proved my preconceptions I had about AirBnB to be entirely wrong!

With AirBnB you have a ton of options to search including options for apartments or houses or private rooms with a house or apartment – options for your specific travel needs. We booked an entire apartment in the Arts District of LA- it was a newly redone building that had been converted from an old gallery building to loft style apartments for rent to live as well as AirBnB apartments to rent. It was $180 per night- not the cheapest we could have found on AirBnB but we loved the location, the décor, the parking accessibility and not looking back would stay at the same place when visiting LA in a heartbeat! Not to mention this is still much cheaper then many of the hotel possibilities in the city. We were only a few minutes’ walk from all the best restaurants in the area which was perfect and not to mention right by a Stumptown coffee, yesss!! It was perfect and the host were beyond lovely to say the least! They provided us with lots of info on the local area and recommendations on places to eat and things to do that no amount of googling would have ever given you.

We truly enjoyed our first ever AirBnB experience, and of course not every AirBnB will be the same or just as nice but I thought I would highlight some of the benefits of choosing AirBnB over a hotel for anyone that was like me and a little more doubtful about using the AirBnB service. I think overall we would definitely opt for more AirBnBs over hotels for lots more of our trips. It makes traveling so much more accessible! For any of you who have never used AirBnB before I highly recommend you give it a go for your next travels.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramble about my first AirBnB experience especially anyone who is unsure about AirBnBs. If you have any questions always feel free to pop me a message/ comment below or on Instagram (@cicissecrets) and I’ll be happy to anwer them! Thanks for reading!

Where we stayed: Unwind in a Chic Arts District Loft


We took a lot of photos on our Joshua Tree trip and although I’ve shared a few on Instagram already, there are A LOT more where that came from so I figured why not share some of them on blogs post.

Not only is it vibrant, beautiful and a fun vacay activity in LA, but it’s a great place to get a little outdoor exercise by walking through the beautiful trails.

What I wore… haha yes this might not be the athleisure wear you might expect to wear to the desert when visiting Joshua Tree but how often do you get to visit the desert in general, why not have fun with it! Plus these superga sneakerscan take me anywhere, they are that comfy!


Hey guys! Hope you all had an amazing week! This post is just a little late, but better late then never, right? This last week of January flew by for me! I can’t believe it’s February already! January has been an amazing, but hectic, one mainly because of our recent move at work. I know some of you are wondering what’s going on, where did Atelerie go? It’s no secret, the mall is having a face lift! -Sooo, for the moment, see you at our new pop up location located across Beluga Bar in the Washington Mall. Stay posted to my stories for sneak peaks and heads up on our opening plans. Also you’ll get an early peak at some of our newest arrivals on my stories starting this weekend!

So right into a little Friday flashback, back to last weekend’s look…

Comfort is always key for me, especially on the weekends when I’m busy running errands.

I threw on my new favorite star sweater from Zaful, a pair of my fave jeans from TopShop (I recommend the petite section if your quite petite like myself), my black hat from Lack of Color x Atelerie, and these new cute booties also from Zaful!

The combination is completely fool-proof creating an effortless, casual, & chic ensemble. Pretty much my go-to weekend outfit.

What do you prefer to wear on the weekends? 

Happy Friday and have the most amazing weekend all! Stay posted and Ci-you soon! (Yes I laugh at my own boring jokes, hehe)


Hey everyone and happy New Year! Hope you all had a great end to the past year and an amazing start of 2018 already!

Lets start the New Year with my first outfit post and jump right in! I wore this look this weekend for a regular Sunday breakfast date with Marcus and it was the first truly chilly weekend in Bermuda- I was loving it! So I picked my beloved new camel coat from ASOS and combined it with some classic Vince Warrens, my high waisted skinnies (which are pretty old but such good ones from TopShop) and a cozy knit from Rails LA via Atelerie.

This outfit is pretty much all about my new favorite coat I recently received last week from ASOS, HERE, because I’m pretty obsessed with it and was so excited it’s finally cold enough to wear it here! The fact that this coat is super warm, but not too thick so I can layer under it and easily travel with it- throw it right in my suitcase and go- next trip where you at? It’s a simple everyday look and I hope you like it as much as I do! I hope you all had a great weekend!

What I wore…

  • Camel check wool coat: ASOS
  • Vince Warrens via Atelerie
  • Rails LA cashmere sweater via Atelerie
  • Skinnies: TopShop
  • Bag: Zara
  • Mischa Lampert Pom Pom hat via Atelerie