Ci Ci’s Amsterdam City Guide

Hey all, sorry it’s taken me a moment to catch up and share my Amsterdam adventures with you but here we go! I’m sharing my mini Amsterdam city guide with you on where I stayed and places I fell in love with to eat, shop, see and more. I hope you can maybe enjoy some of these Amsterdam City tips on your next Amsterdam travels!

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Amsterdam quickly became one of my favorite cities after vacationing here recently and I would revisit in a heartbeat! We stayed at the most beautiful Air BnB (here) which honestly felt like a home away from home. It felt like the biggest treat to stay here and I’ve been dreaming about it for weeks after already!

IMG_5013Right outside where we stayed, you can find yourself in the De Pijp area. This area quickly became one of my favourite parts of Amsterdam City, although a little bias since we stayed here but hey! I have to say, I did a lot of researching before booking our stay, about all the areas we could stay to make sure we were staying in just the right area for us! With loads of places in the area we both wanted to visit, restaurant wise and interest wise – the De Pijp area was perfect for us! Although everyone is different and have different interest and taste for their vacay so as much as we love and would recommend every place we’ve listed, I would highly recommend making sure you do a little researching of your own around before planning your trip to make sure you are staying close to places you are interested in visiting before just booking anywhere. It will just make your trip that much more enjoyable, easy to plan and get around. If you’re like us and are looking for a much more chilled out trip, simply enjoying your location you’re staying at, trying to live like the locals do, be able to just step outside for a small stroll for great coffee in the chicest coffee shops (and no not those kinds of coffee shops – although Marcus made sure I paid a visit to one or two of those too!) or a delicious bite, beautiful park walks, cute shops, fresh market shopping and more…..with no problem!…..every day!this is the area for you!

Oh, and Especially if you are a bruncher like us and know your perfect vacay consist of lot’s of brunching. This area is full of great breakfast, brunch and coffee spots. Here were a few of our favorites that we would recommend you brunchers + breakfast lovers make a stop to during your travels here:

  • The Avocado show
  • Jack’s Juice + Kitchen
  • Bakers and roasters
  • Locals coffee
  • Corner Bakery
  • Dwasserette
  • Coffee and coconuts (C + C)
  • Matcha Bar





Once you’re done brunching and decide you need a little shopping fix make sure to visit the independent boutiques around this area. It’s so much nicer to visit stores like these when traveling vs your typical chain stores like H & M and Zara that you could really find pretty much anywhere or online, as much as I love a little Zara fix. Every place we popped into around here, shopping wise, was so damn cute and gave us some major interior goals. Also, if you work in retail, like myself, some serious work inspo too! Besides a few other boutiques elsewhere like Vanilla, Most Wanted, The Gather Shop and Anecdote , the De Pijp area was by far the best area for boutique shopping. A few favorites would be:

  • OU. Boutique
  • Things I like, things I love
  • Hutspot
  • Anna Nina
  • Felice Home of Brands
  • Baskets store (for the sneaker heads or the boyfriends)
  • Blond
  • Cotton Cake (my personal fave – I just simply loved everything about this place! The vibe, the coffee, the interior, the staff and all the beautiful things they had!)
  • All the Luck in the World
  • Bricklane
  • (For the dudes) Behind the Pines



Easily one of my favorite things to do on vacay, no matter where it is, is just to walk around and get lost in and see where the day takes you…. or when in Amsterdam, rent a bike! I quickly learned bikes and I in Amsterdam don’t mesh too well – Marcus sure found it hilarious though! I don’t think you can really go wrong where ever you decide to roam about in this city and I can honestly say I felt safe no matter where we were and no matter what time of day! Not that we homebodies were out late most nights, but do you blame us staying in a place like this!  Some of our favorite spots and sites on the way were:

  • Vondel Park
  • Joordan
  • Cuypmarkt (I highly recommend trying some of the breads and cheeses!)
  • Bansky museum
  • Bloemenmarkt
  • Maritime Museum (Guess who made me include this one?)
  • Artis Amsterdam Museum
  • Five City Spa
  • Nine Streets





Need we say more lunch and dinner in Amsterdam is served…

Lunch at:

  • Pluk
  • Ree7
  • Stach
  • Foodhallen
  • Corner Bakery





Dinner at:

  • Dim Sum Now
  • Geflipt Burgers
  • Brut de mer
  • Escobar
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar






Places we didn’t get to but we would make sure these are on our must see list the next time we are in Amsterdam! Let us know if you’ve beat us to it and loved these or not….

To eat….

  • Mama Kelly
  • Café George
  • Pulitzer Hotel
  • Spaghetteria Pastabar
  • Let’s go Franggo
  • Rainbowls
  • Cafe Panache
  • Polaberry
  • Jansz
  • BoCinq
  • Bo Nam
  • Bulls and dogs
  • The Street food Club (Utrecht)
  • Blauwe Draak


  • Wijck Prints
  • Parque
  • Rogge De Pijp
  • Moon Loft
  • Mañana Mañana
  • Olivia & Kate

Visit other cities in the Netherlands….

  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht

(Open to hearing so many more suggestions!)

Amsterdam was honestly one of the most charming cities I have ever visited with beautiful canals, townhouses and the most picturesque bridges and cobbled streets. Most people will tell you to visit during spring/ summer but if you want to avoid tourist season it might be a better idea to visit at the end of September, beginning of October like we did. Not only is the climate changing so you get to see the fall colored foliage, that I personally adore and which makes for the perfect Fall vibes and stunning photos where ever you go but also means less crowds, by far!

I could honestly talk all day about this city but no matter when you choose to go and what you choose to do and see, I almost guarantee you will have the best time and I hope my mini Amsterdam guide can inspire whatever you decide for your next Amsterdam travels.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, I would love to know your recommendations for the next time I visit!

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