Heyyy! Happy Friday!

Today I just wanted to share with you guys a recent look in a sweet summer set from Faithfull the Brand, my current favorite summer brand! It’s one of those brands I buy over and over again and a repeating favorite when it comes to packing for a trip or for a day to night look this summer. They truly nail it with summer styles that I’m always looking for and want to wear in the summer. Whether you’re looking for summer prints, dresses, jumpsuits, pants and sets, your beach cover-up, a wedding look, your happy hour looks or just about any occasion really! Their silhouettes are super comfy, cute and clever! It’s a laid back, bohemian and free spirted kind of brand and that’s why I love it so much! … and is exactly why I’ve picked it as my summer 2018 favorite brand!

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I love summer styles that are simple and timeless…and even when it’s humid, I still want to feel put together, but in pieces that feel relaxed and feminine. Faithfull the Brand really nails this kind of look! I realized packing the other day, for Miami Swim week, that not only do I tend to pack all my favorites at that current time but that I have an easy method or reasoning to what I always pack for trips that I actually noticed resonates for most of my picks when shopping for all my looks in general! I tend to buy all my separates in solids or minimal and classic prints like stripes and polka dots so I can have fun with mixing and matching with separates. … But when it comes to dress and jumpsuit shopping I tend to pick more seasonal patterns like florals and season specific patterns as well as some more solids – it’s just a method that seems to stick with me and I find allows me to get more wear out of things – try it and see if it works for you too! This is probably why I love Faithfull the Brand so much! It offers the best of both worlds for all seasons and you can get the best separates you will want in your summer wardrobe, as well as some more trend based seasonal styles – I just love it!

Photography by: @caseykrauss

Wearing: Hat: Lack of color, Sunnies: Poney eyewear, Faithfull the Brand @atelerie

I hope you all have the best weekend! Thanks for reading and hope you find brands you love just as much as I love this one! … and always feel free to share below! Myself and Atelerie always like to hear of new brands or brands you love!

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