One of the best parts of living in Bermuda is being so close to the beach at all times. It truly makes me feel so grateful and I find just taking a stroll on the beach inspires me as well as gives me peace and calm especially after a hectic work day or on a beautiful Sunday.

Even though I was born and raised here I love playing tourist, adventuring, exploring and simply just enjoying the beach! I still think there’s loads of places on the island I haven’t seen, as small as the island is, believe it or not! However, as a local, I can honestly say just spending some time at the beach is one of the best things to spend your Sunday doing if you live in Bermuda! One of my favorite beaches of the many beautiful beaches in Bermuda is Horseshoe bay but my real favorite might be a secret (shhh!). ….Horseshoe bay is also rated one of the one of the best beaches in the world- just saying!

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