A quick and easy outfit from this Labor Day weekend (ft. my messy hair). Even though we’ve entered into September, Bermuda is literally still heated up. 80 degrees is still going strong most days but at least nights are starting to cool down- I’m so ready for Fall. Marcus and I spent our weekend laying in the sun and playing tourist with around the island we luckily can call home. Really trying to take advantage of, what feels like, the last day’s of Summer.

We spent most of Sunday at Horseshoe bay for the standard people watching and tanning antics. Then explored St. George’s with our pup, Prince, stopped for some Bailey’s Bay yumminess (ice-cream was a must) and then off to dinner at the Araujo casa to watch a gorgeous sunset and enjoy Momma A’s cooking with the family. It was a perfect Bermuda weekend!

So let’s talk about my love for nipple tape! Being on the smaller side on the boob scale, it’s near impossible to wear a wrap dress with a bra. There’s no way of flashing bra for me, that kind of ruins things, especially for something formal like a wedding or even just a nice dinner. I can get away with wearing nothing luckily, but a moment of bad posture (typical me), bending over or just a light breeze is enough to expose everything. Boob tape is a summer must have for me! I hate the idea of wearing a bra and looking down constantly worrying what’s on show- thank goodness for boob tape! Thanks for listening to my boob tape rant!

What I’m wearing: 

Dress: Beach Gold Bali, Shoes: Tkees, Bag: Beach Gold Bali, Sunnies: Shevoke and Scarf: Madwell

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