Heyyy all! How are you today? We just love strolling around on a beautiful Sunday morning. We sat down for a a bite and caffeine at Devils this AM after a beautiful sleep in. We probably eat there too much but we literally love everything on the menu even though we usually just go for our favorites every time! 

Oh, and you see this leopard print coat I’m wearing? Would you believe I got it for only $20 in Mango’s Sale! It made my day! There’s been so many great sales around lately but as much as it’s amazing to find great deals I’m so excited to start seeing pre Spring styles emerge! 

I’m usually not a bold print kind of person, especially leopard print unless it’s an accessory, but I’ve been thinking of getting a leopard print jacket for a while now to have and throw over a basics outfit. It’s actually so handy to have on days like today when I just want jeans and a tee on but don’t want to seem to basic plus need to be warm when it’s finally chilly like today has been.

If there’s one shoe that I love more, it’s an all-white sneaker. Over the past few seasons this comfy trend has been seen everywhere and paired with any outfit- dressed down or up! If you need help picking out a pair, I would recommend trying these Rag and Bone Standards for sure- I can’t share enough how comfy and simplistic they are making it so easy to pair with almost every outfit.

Now, it’s almost Super Bowl time and I’m ready to over eat Super Bowl goodies and pretend as if I know what’s going on in the game until the halftime show (usually the only reason I watch- anyone agree?)- I’m more so looking forward to ending a beautiful Sunday enjoying some fun times with some great friends. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!

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