How is it mid January- time is flying!? Finally returning back to BDA time after travels to NYC for an Atelerie buying trip (amazing experience as always). This post should have been posted already, but just to update everyone I actually have broken my hand pretty badly this week so my schedule has been a little thrown off and things have been a little trickier then norm; but I’m managing better now and just looking forward to a speedy recovery. Anyway, where were we- buying trips are truly awesome- I get to see all the upcoming trends and help pick items for the stores upcoming seasons with my bosses. It’s always amazing to see what designers are coming up with for seasonsto come and I always feel pretty inspired by trends from each collection in my current everyday looks. I was lucky this trip and got to stay a little longer just to enjoy NYC a little bit more and I feel like I haven’t shared enough from the past couple days there. 

NYC is just a remarkable and inspiring place to say the least. Street corners, buildings, interesting graffiti and other street art. How light hits a certain intersection or building at a particular time of day. Beautiful building entrances. Captivating shop and restaurant windows. There is just so much to see and do! I like to think I was pretty successful with the extra 2 days I had- some highlights including: Central Park, Ladureé, Madison Ave, Brooklyn bridge, Soho and Broadway shopping, the black tap and other amazing meals. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from our NYC trip- including 3 of my fave new coats I recently purchased and were my NYC trip essentials.


(3 coats I’m currently coveting…)

Being in New York I totally understand the annual struggle many of you must have to find a cold weather coat which doesn’t look like the ugliest piece of clothing on earth. I was like- I am not prepared for this and ahh how will I stay warm! I’m so used to Bermuda’s cold where, max, you will ever really need is a sweater and chuck on a bomber or leather jacket and scarf and your good to go! 

So I headed straight for the perfect Parker jacket from TopShop- I have to say I was so happy with my choice and it served me incredibly well. I know navy is boring, but it matches with everything. The right Parker jacket is always a great option to have with you on a snowy trip. 

Ugh and Central Park was stunning- it was my first time exploring Central Park and it was honestly the cutest place! I could imagine what it’s like to see it bloom during the Spring or see the leafs fall in Fall, and then all white in Winter- simply stunning! I was thinking how cute it would be to take Prince and let him play with the dozens of dogs you see there. It was my favorite thing to see- the cute little happy dogs loving life in the park! I felt like I needed to add a little contrast so I went with this darker vampy lip instead. To be honest, it was a little darker than I expected and once you put liquid lipstick on you can’t turn back. I embraced it though and I think it actually works really well with this outfit! Words can’t describe how much I love my Jocelyn Fur jacket! I was so excited to wear it in NYC and it was amazing how warm it kept me even during an early morning walk in Central Park where it was so chilly- think I was loving my time there so much I could barely think of the cold anyway!

My other favorite winter purchase was this cheap and cheerful Miss Guided coat and I love how perfectly it goes with half my wardrobe and my favorite Nikes. I loved the sporty feel of this outfit- with the perfect dusty coat, the final touch was this fun brick colored pants from TopShop that made me really love this look. When it comes to winter accessories/ outfits I try to pair things based on similar color families. I also prefer coats with a longer cut like this one, as they comfortably cover knee-length dresses and cardigans.

I hope everyone has had a better week then I have unfortunately- but I’m okay and outfit planning will be interesting but I love a little challenge sometimes (just trying to stay positive!) This weekend was so beautiful here and I hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing weekend! Thank you for always checking in- Chao! 

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