Weekend plans that I get to still dress comfy cozy are the best plans with cooler weather approaching here in Bermuda. So, I’m currently obsessed with everything nude/khaki this fall but as usual ripped denim and black leather isn’t too bad either and is still my favorite. I just got this really cute and comfy nude set from Velvet Tees this weekend and I’m excited to show you all these comfy pieces I’ve added to my Fall wardrobe! When thinking about what to build my seasonal wardrobe based on, I always gravitate towards the basics like these I wore today.

I love this look because it’s an effortless ensemble- it’s both stylish because of the nude on nude but still crazy comfortable and soft! The combination can be the base of lots of Fall outfits. I can’t wait to mix and match these two with different pieces in my closet and add more layers when it gets chilly! Whether you’re layering the look with a blanket scarf, leather jacket, or simply a cozy cardi, it’s perfect for almost anything or as separates like the top with some high waisted jeans or the sweatpants paired with a crop top and jean jacket. The best part about this outfit is, it will be my new chuck on and go outfit- and it matches almost everything else in my closet, amazing! (Being such a Converse fan- I had to make sure they made an appearance as well!)

Okay, so meet my favorite accessory for year round! Whether you’re seeking a stylish complement for a casual daytime look, or a minimalist statement piece for a night on the town, Gigi jewelry is guaranteed to become your everyday go to pieces that you will never need to take off- and that’s exactly what I love about them! These sweet necklaces are my new worst addiction but I love them so much and I love mixing and matching them and know I won’t ruin them with all my make up or hair products or whatever weather they may face because they are 18k gold. I’m starting to finally realize the benefits of investing in solid pieces rather than costume jewelry. They are timeless and won’t tarnish (especially in Bermuda’s climate)- perfect and I highly recomend checking out her collection! 

So what did we do today? I love Sundays- we take the day easy and do whatever we feel like on our own time usually. Late starts are a must on Sundays and then we usually decide on what we want to eat after that, of course! Devils isle has one of the most delicious brunch menus and I love ordering their baked avocado toast- it’s amazing! Best part is it’s served alllll day! So for those hangover days or lazy days it’s the ideal spot! Plus, best part, they have my favorite hazelnut lattes- yum! 

Hope everyone has had an amazing, totally chilled out weekend! Enjoy your Sunday evening and thank you so much for stopping by!

What I’m wearing: Velvet Tees top and bottoms, Converse shoes, Gigi necklace, CV pouch, TopShop backpack and Illesteva sunnies.

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