Most of us have a love-hate relationship with rompers- finding the perfect one can seem impossible sometimes, but once you do, you seem to never want to take it off! This Urban Outfitters one caught my eye and I knew I had to have it! I love love love this outfit! I could wear it all the time- I love the print, how comfortable it is and not to mention the fit of this romper and how it’s the perfect outfit just to throw on especially for a fun day of adventures! Although now is officially fall, according to the calendar, but according to the weatherman, well, it still feels like summer I think rompers like this are perfect for transitioning to fall because of its material and, color, style and print! Thankfully, Urban Outfitters is on the same page as me and has the ideal transitional pieces to help me feel like it’s fall but but still be lightweight enough for these end of summer days here in Bermuda. Although we are anxiously waiting sweater weather over here (at least I know I am), we are going to miss fun adventure days that come along with Summer time in Bermuda. We spent our Sunday just driving round the island and stopping off at some of our favorite spots, like the light house and dockyard for some lunch at Frog and Onion, just to enjoy what a beautiful day it was yesterday- storm Karl, what storm? I personally love Bermuda’s bipolar weather!

One of my most favorite local jewelry designers, Rebecca Little, has teamed up with another local designer, Tabs Bermuda, to create these most beautiful, Bermuda inspired jewelry. I’ve featured Rebecca Little before on my blog and just had to share this new design of hers that I recently have fallen in love with! With Bermuda roof tops as her inspiration, she really captured beautiful Bermudian architecture in these dainty pieces- I love them! I’m wearing her triangle lariat, her lariats are my favorite of all her pieces, and her newest pearl stretch bracelets with little triangle details. These pieces are perfect dainty pieces but are still sure to stand out- I also have a pair of her new thread through gold earrings which I love and am always getting complements for! I’ll be sure to post about them soon as well because they are some of my favorite earrings now! 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and using Monday as a fresh start for a great week ahead and stepping into fall! As you can tell I had a little fresh chop to my hair, thanks to Chelsea and Salon Pink, ready for a fresh new fall look! I can’t express enough how much I love fall and can’t wait for cozy, comfy layers to start! 

Another thing I’m beyond excited about is the beautiful street art that is emerging around the island lately and that I have featured in this blog post featured image! I was too excited when I saw the beautiful wings being painted outside of Cross Fit and Smiles inc that I couldn’t even wait for them to be done! I’m excited to see the finished product and can’t wait for more fun photos to be taken there as well as see others enjoying the beautiful art as well! Street are was one of my favorite parts about my recent visit to NCY and to come back home and see Bermuda inspired by the street art trend was amazing and I can’t wait to see more! Bermuda is filled with creative people and it’s so nice to see them showing off their talent- whether it’s through Bermudain inspired brands like TABS, owning a local boutique and stocking original Bermuda inspired items like Atelerie’s Bermuda hats, Bermuda inspired jewelry so you can take a little part of BDA where ever you go like Rebecca Little has created or Bemudian street are that truly captures Bermudian culture and colors like the new art at the bus station! It’s truly amazing and inspiring to see such creative people embracing Bermuda’s beauty in these kinds of ways! Be sure to check them all out! 

What we wore:

Me: Romper: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Office Shoes / Necklace and Bracelets: Rebecca Little Jewelry (TABs collection)

Him: Top: American Apparel / Jeans: Quicksilver / BDA hat: Atelerie, Bermuda / Shoes: Adidas / Sunglasses: Oakley (Sunglass and Watch Shop Bermuda 

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