Being behind the scenes of the Bermuda Fashsion Festival has been amazing! I wanted to capture my favorite moments, outfits, textures and patterns up close that you might have not viewed the same simply from watching it down the runway. I have always had more of a love for textures rather than patterns, so I really wanted to show off how amazing these international designers really are at combining the two to create such beautiful and unique looks of their very own in each of their collections. 

Between all of the international designers collection’s of the Bermuda Fashion Festival, I loved seeing the more sleek, structured and textured items. Textures enriched with hints of color were my all time favorite, and of course the black & white items within each collection which really allowed the colors and textures to pop! Each piece in every collection had such impeccable attention to stitching and detail, creating a really high end effect. 

There were so many romantic fabrics like tulle, chiffons, mesh, lace and embroidered silk for the softer more structured looks, combined with tied and slicked back hairstyles adorned with touches of sparkle made for an overall dreamy feeling! It is noticing the final touches that are barely visible- these are the details that make the collections so breathtaking.

During fashion weekend, fashion designers really worked hard on their pieces to make a truly unique and specific to the style kind of statement! I loved how each designer used different styles to make a statement of their own, especially on the shoulder areas, like some tried to go for volume, using textiles and shoulder pads, and others made a statement using feathers to create movement in their pieces all over.

A trend from the International Designer show that I adored were all the garments with remarkable, elegant sleeves, garments that you could tell the designer added every little detail to make it just right and their own. Another strong runway trend I noticed was deep V necklines- they proved the myth of V necklines being too revealing wrong for sure. They were the perfect balance between subtle sexy and romantic!

It’s been an amazing experience seeing all the shows and collections- and even more exciting being able to experience back stage with all the amazing models and designers! Can’t wait to see the local designers show tonight- Time to show off some Bermuda style and pride! 

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