I’m still pretty shocked that it’s April already, where has time gone! – but we are just that little bit closer to summer now! These parallel lines are a timeless classic that will always have a place in my wardrobe. Both these beautifully striped tops fit the bill perfectly of that classic Parisian feel and both brands quality are outstanding! There are dozens of new ways to make a basic striped shirt that much more special. It’s all about the subtle updates like, crop tops, bigger sleeves, spaced stripes, off the shoulder looks and ruffled arms.       If there is a trend that I want to wear a lot this Spring and even during the summer it’s off the shoulder tops and dresses- these styles can bring some femininity to a outfit. In this outfit I am wearing a Mara Hoffman top that has even more femininity to it thanks to the ruffled layered look-another trend this Spring. Ruffles aren’t easy however, sometimes they can be hard to fit your body and can not be forgiving, but I think this top is done exactly right with the one larger ruffle. 

I had been looking for some high-waisted flares for about a year now, and I discovered this pair at Orange Bay Company, Bermuda, that fit perfectly- considering how petite I am especially for flares! In the RG magazine I talked about making a statement in your denim this Spring. I didn’t want to talk to much about one of my favorite trends (statement denim) in this blog post because I’m looking forward to sharing a wishlist of my favorite statement denim in an upcoming blog post. But… I just wanted to share how amazing having a pair of flares for Spring/ Summer in your wardrobe is. These flares really feel comfy and make me feel so confident in them- a must when picking out an outfit to wear no matter what! 

   Hope everyone has been enjoying a little closer look at my RG magazine top trends for Spring and hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! Thanks for staying posted and be sure to check back for some more upcoming Spring trends!

Get the look:

Joie Striped Top: Atelerie (Bermuda)

 Vintage Studded Flares: Orange Bay Company (Bermuda)

Rebecca Little Jewelry Lariat Necklace

Pared Sunnies: Regali by Luxury Gifts Bermuda

Brown Wedges: Miss Selfridge (UK)

Mara Hoffman Off The Shoulder Top: Atelerie (Bermuda)

Joni White Jeans: TOPSHOP 




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