Happy Monday! Hope everyone is feeling the Spring vibes for the fresh start of April! Sometimes this time of year is a little confused because of the forever changing weather. I find myself wanting to wear all seasons of my wardrobe at once- a oversized Jean jacket and breezy mini skirt or white jeans seemed like the perfect partners. As you already know this blush tone trend is currently one of my favorite things about Spring but there are so many reasons to love Spring, especially here in Bermuda! So, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!1. We are just that little bit closer to summer!

2. It’s not that dark anymore when your alarm rings at 7am and when you finish your job around 6pm there’s still daylight for you to enjoy!

3. It’s dress season- picking an outfit is easy! It takes a second to put on and your outfit is basically done… Voilà! 

4. Even better then dress season, it’s Festival season! Outfit planning and looking forward to an upcoming vacation is exciting enough for Spring and Summer! – but being able to experience a festival is a must! I’m excited for all my friends with plans for Cochella coming up so soon!

5. You can buy amazing flowers, like my personal favorite, tulips, to freshen up your home decor.

6. You can open your windows and the air feels so lovely & smells so fresh- your lucky if you live near a bunch of wild freesias! I love passing patches of fresh freesias, it’s the best Spring scent!

7. I can finally potentially be tan again! Yes please!

8. You feel energized and you’re happier and usually on a huge fitness hype! Getting beach body ready!

9. It’s always fun to spot the new Summer collections & buy your first colorful Spring/ Summer items.

10. Time to spend more time outdoors! It’s so good to enjoy the first sunlight on the terrace with a cup of tea or end your day with a nice walk enjoying the a beautiful sunset! 

 What I wore

Vince Blouse (Atelerie)

Oversized Jean Jacket & White High Waist Jeans (TopShop)

Clare V Clutch (Atelerie)

Pared Sunnies (Regali by Luxury Gifts Bermuda)



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