IT’S ‘E’aaasy!

I’ve built a love affair for these products from the moment I bought them and I wanted to get the word out about how lovely these products really are. Not to mention they are all reasonably affordable too!

Vitamin E is an essential Vitamin and works wonders on your skin if added to your daily facial routine. I have combination skin, my t-zone is oily. After reading about The Body Shop’s Vitamin E collection and their own descriptions of the products as well as some other blog reviews really made me want to give it a go!
These amazing skincare products from The Body Shop promises to deliver a healthy-looking glow, long lasting hydration and helps protect your face against everyday damaging effects that you might not even be aware are harming your skin– what more could you wish for in your everyday super simple facial routine?

“…Vitamin E range can help to protect against pollution, cigarette smoke and UVA/UVB rays. Our popular Vitamin E cream and Vitamin E oil are suitable for all skin types and help to protect the skin from premature aging.” –The Body Shop

Those anti-aging properties are jam packed into the eye cube and lip care which I love. People often forget to take proper care of these super sensitive parts of their face, but this is often the areas where you start to age the quickest! 
  This mask is amazing because it offers instant results- that’s one propriety which everyone wants and looks for in a mask. I have to say this mask does exactly that. The product itself is a jelly-like cream that is really light and cooling on the skin. I have particularly been loving how cooling it is because it leaves my face feeling so fresh! I tend to leave it for a lot longer than the 10 minutes suggested and instead put a light layer before bed let it soak in overnight and my skin feels amazing in the AM!

The moisturizing cream is perfect for everyday and Vitamin E helps to ward off dryness and keep skin hydrated. It helps the skin retain components that keep it hydrated for longer. I usually prefer moisturisers in a pump-bottle, but on a positive side, these masks and moisturizer in a tub means you can be sure that you use up every last drop of product before you have to run to the store and grab some more.

Both the toner and the moisturizer absorbs so quick into my skin, allowing me to easily be able to carry on with the remainder of my morning makeup routine right after! Between all these Vitamin E products they will give your skin a quick boost before you leave the house in the morning, and one that I would highly recommend to all skin types to try! So sensitive skin girls and those girlies with combination skin, I think this Body Shop Vitamin E collection has you covered! I highly recommend everyone to give these products a go!

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