5 Good Things 

I’m currently sipping on some freshly brewed hot tea from favorite spot, Deangelinies, and prepping for a busy day- I do love a relaxed Saturday morning (especially a Saturday off work!) 1. After a super busy week of adult stuff, I rewarded myself with a freshly done manicure and planning on finalizing a currently never ending wish list and placing a Topshop order! My current nail polish I went for was “love in the dunes” by Deborah Lipmann. I’m obsessed with the color! Something about a fresh manicure always makes me feel more put together.

2. I promised myself today would be a Photoshoot day, as I really want to get some photos up! I just haven’t had a minute lately, but I’m going to dedicate the whole day to it, including the cutest girly PJ Party I’m going to later today! So excited to see some close friends I haven’t seen in a while and catch up with them at this super cute themed Party. 

3. I’ve been testing out The Body Shop’s Vitamine E cream exfoliater these past few weeks, and I’m already hooked! The exfoliating wash is just amazing, so smoothing and I think it’s really made a difference to my complexion. I’ll pop up a review ASAP.

4. I’m starting to fall in love with all things Spring already! I’m currently loving the blush tones that are every where. I’m exited to step out of my everyday blacks and whites and to start adding some color to my wardrobe!  5. I must say I am blessed to live on such a beautiful island, Bermuda. The weather here the past few day has been beyond ideal! I plan to spend this entire weekend outdoors just taking it all in! Maybe even put down my phone for a while, bring out my new super cute coloring book from saile on and embrace my surroundings, something I would recommend to everyone this weekend. 

Hope you have a great weekend and stay posted!


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