Happy Valentine’s Day! Every couple is different, allow you and your Valentine’s Sweetheart to do whatever feels right for you both. Everyone has their very own vibe- so make sure you spend Valentine’s Day doing some thing you both love and, more importantly, love doing together!

Looking for some traditional but classic ways to treat your Valentine’s loveone to this Valentine’s Day Sunday? Get inspired below. Here are some simple ideas for inspiration that I know personally I would love and I’m sure your Valentine would love this Valentine’s Day…

1. Look up delicious breakfast recipes on Pinterest and make your loved one breakfast in bed. Start your boo’s day off right! This is sure to put the first biggest smile of the day on your Valentine’s face! If your feeling really romantic in the kitchen this Sunday then plan out a day full of yummy treats and end the day with a lovely planned out 3 course meal to really impress your Valentine today!

   2. Make your own card! – Some times it’s not about buying bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolate but more about the little and creative things that show the ones you love you really appreciate them. Share with them the many reasons why you love them!

3. Dress to the season. Make sure to wear, in true Valentines style, hues of reds and pinks to really put you in the love filled mood. 

4. Beach walk or picnic? Explore your favorite spot or something totally new to you both, let this day be a natural expression of the love you share.

5.Valentine’s Day + Winter + Sunday = Netflix and Chill ENDLESSLY! Need I say any more? 

Valentine’s Day, always gives us a great reason to celebrate love. Either with your partner or your friends and family, make sure to spend it with the ones you love most- there is no excuse to stay home alone!  

Hope everyone has a Love-Filled Valentine’s Day!!




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