I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Valentine’s is not all about date nights with your baes; don’t forget the loving ladies in your life too and why not celebrate GALENTINE’S DAY! If you haven’t heard it yet, Galentine’s Day is when a group of girlfriends get together to wine, dine, and catch up with each other before the 14th or on Valentine’s Day for the beautiful ladies with no mushy V-Day plans already. Galentines parties are all about the beautiful decorations, and every detail perfectly matched, starting with the overall color scheme, the food, the floral touches, all the way down to the beautiful outfits your amazing girlfriends will be rocking! Get crafty or get tipsy; do what ever you and your girls love to do most together! 

If you are any thing like me and need a little inspiration when planning a party, especially a Galentine’s party, sites like Pinterest offers endless idea options, picture inspiration and DIY party supplies ideas. Pinterest is my Go-To for almost every thing in my daily life and I would recommend it to anyone who’s planning on throwing a girly party and needs some help with decor and food prep ideas. In fact it’s where I found the recipe for my delicious chocolate tart I made and shared on my last blog post!

So I pulled together my ideal Galentine’s party inspiration from my beloved Pinterest and what I feel the essentials for planning a Galentine’s party would be in case you need some ideas planning your own! 


The backdrop: Every girly girl loves perfect selfie settings? Make sure to create the perfect phototbooth-like backgrounds. Nothing’s better then taking loads of photos with your gal pals who love it just as much as you do! Don’t forget flowers they make it super easy to add pops of color around your party settings. 

The tablecloth: When planning your tablecloth be sure to keep it super simple so you don’t over spend! Instead use some creativity to add the smaller details like adorable Xs and Os and make it look super girly chic!

The food: If you’re doing a brunch, then waffles or pancakes are a must! Afternoon tea and snacks? Some savory quiches should do the trick. As well as yummy sweets, treats and pastries will be perfect for a tea party theme! Doughnuts are a great option as well, they are super easy finger food and can be super cute if you pick ones to match the color scheme!

The drinks: Girly drinks to match the whole theme and for everyone to enjoy are a must! A simple one like this ‘Girls Night In’ cocktail is super easy to make and will be great for day drinking with the girls! Even if your not attending a Galentine’s party, I know personally, I’ll be trying this recipe! 


The wardrobe: Make sure to set a dress code, nothing too fancy but something that will make for great pictures all together beacause you know an event like Galentine’s will have plenty of picturesque moments.

The fun: You can get crafty or get tipsy or both! Make beautiful V-Day cards or crafty cocktails, any sort of activities like these will set the fun for the perfect Galentine’s Day party!

DIY: Tablecloth




If you don’t have a Galentine’s event in your plans this week but still want to show your gal pals some much needed love, here’s a local (Bermuda) gift guide for your girly best friends, in case you’re like me and I have some last minute shopping to do!  Don’t forget to treat the girls who mean the most to you in your life!

 Kate Spade Watch + Kate Spade Kitchen Supplies – AS Coopers

Fur Pom Pom Keychains + Deborah Lipmann Nail Polish – Atelerie

Om Shanti Yoga Wear – Lucky Elephant Yoga

Ladies First Tote + Trinket Tray + Booze Canister – Luxury Gifts Bermuda

There are so many fun ways to show the ladies in your life that you love them too for Valentine’s, I mean, Galentine’s Day! Hope you’ve enjoyed my Galentine’s Day inspo and don’t forget to use Pinterst to get inspired some more too!

Happy Galentine’s Day!



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