I love a little Valentine’s because of all the sweets and shades of pink that surround everything this time of year; I’m a total sucker for some Valentines mushiness! 

So you’ve decided to take on the kitchen this Valentine’s Day but a little nervous? Can’t decide what you are going to treat your sweetheart too?  Wine and dine them? How about impressing them with a yummy dessert! This recipe is for you! Here is a super easy Valentine’s treat that no baking is necessary and taste delicious! I promise! This is one of the easiest recipes, from prep to execution, that I’ve ever found. Oh and don’t forget to pick up some pink champagne to pair oh so nicely with this amazing chocolate lover’s dessert. 


Makes about 10-12 servings

32 (330g) Oreo cookies

1/2 cup (110g) butter, melted

Chocolate Filling:

7 oz (200g) milk chocolate

3.5 oz (100g) bittersweet chocolate

7 oz (200 ml) heavy cream


10 oz (300g) fresh strawberries

chopped nuts (almonds, pistachios, etc), optional


Place oreo cookies into the bowl of a food processor and blend until crumbs form. Add melted butter and pour over the crushed cookies. Process until evenly moistened. Press cookie mixture into the bottom and edges of a tart pan. Freeze until you prepare the filling, just for few minutes.

In a small saucepan, place cream over medium-low heat for a few minutes to get hot. No boiling or simmering needed. Remove from heat, pour over chopped chocolate and let rest for 1-2 minutes. Stir until dissolved.

Pour chocolate filling over oreo crust, and top with fresh strawberries.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight before serving. Once ready to serve, sprinkle some nuts on top if desired. 

  I am personally such a chocoholic and I LOVED how this delicious treat turned out! I had a lot of fun making this and know it would put a huge smile on your sweetie’s face this Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing like a little classic chocolate and strawberries to end your Valentines night right!  


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  1. Omg that looks so good!! Not exactly doing much on Valentine’s but may have a wee night in and make something like that for myself! I’ve actually just started a food blog, just writing wee things about dining out in places in Glasgow. Things have been tough for me over the last few years but food is something that has always brought me comfort (not necessarily a good thing hahaha). Would love it if you were interested and wanted to have a look or give me a follow, it would mean a lot.

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