Whether you have an interest in fashion or not, fashion surrounds all of us in our every day lives. It’s a part of a daily routine without us even realizing it. Social media is probably one of the highest influencers in fashion. I know I am guilty for it and am naturally influenced by many forms of fashion based social media. It’s the constant ahh-ing over new trends I’d like to try. Don’t ever be afraid to try new trends, and more importantly always remember to take a trend and make it your own by adding your own personal quirk to it! Personal style is hard to define at times, for some it’s straight forward and for others it’s forever changing. Even for myself, my personal style use to change quite often and I would definitely say it’s been quite a journey for me. However, throughout this journey it was great to learn what really works for me personally, as well as develop a wardrobe that fits my personal style. I’m famous for finding an item that works for me and then getting that exact item in a million and one varying shades just because I’m amazed at how well it fits or because it is a closet staple (that’s me trying to justify my overflowing closet). Seriously though, if you are able to figure out exactly what works for you it is much easier to build your wardrobe based on your own personal style and not buying things for the sake of it and then never wearing them. Clutter and unnecessary items in your wardrobe can really have an effect on your morning routine by making your outfit decision making harder with too much choice and not quality staples. It’s the typical “quality over quantity” aspect of things.
It’s a funny thing, I really feel like because of my blog being like a documentation of my outfits, my true personal style has really started to form. I’ve recently found it much easier to figure out what works and doesn’t work for me much better because of my blog. It actually makes shopping a lot easier for me now as well. More oftenly now I consider how an item is going to transition into the rest of my wardrobe before just buy anything because it looks good in the store, is a “current” trend or being a victim of inpulse buying. Concentrating on “timeless pieces rather then off and on current trends. Through smarter buying I’ve learnt a lot about my personal style and how I would like to build my wardrobe going forward.

Fashion is all around us, it has been for decades, it actually sometimes even defines a decades in history. We look back in history and often class certain eras simply based on fashion. Creating your look defines your own personal history and, or being a part of history during this current era. So make your own mark in history and express yourself through what you wear. There is so much out there to allow you to create your own style, so don’t ever be afraid to stand out or create your own look; who knows someone might look up to you for it and I hope I create this image through my own blog/ style. I feel confident with my own personal style and hope it can resonate through you, my readers.

Happy Friday!! Yay, hello weekend! Hope you enjoyed some Friday inspiration!


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