6 Resolutions for Two Oh Sixteen!

After recovering from a tiny little huge hangover from New Years, it’s finally time to sit and write this first post of 2016. It’s the first Monday of 2016 I’m starting the 2016 blogging year in the most cliche way: listing down my New Year’s resolutions! It’s nice to finally sit down and have a think about what 2016 means for me, what I want to achieve, when I want to achieve it by, and also taken a little reality filter too … just to make sure i’m not dreaming of things i’ll never quite be able to stick to.

1. The typical fitness resolution:

This last year I really let myself down when it comes to health and fitness, having been a committed cheerleader/gymnast throughout my life (during high school and then running a team and being captain for my uni team before leaving uni), a gym & spin frequenter, and generally living an active life style, the last year has seen all my healthy living fade away (sadly I have no real excuse for it really). 2016 is the year to kick start my healthy lifestyle again, not to mention because I want to get rid of the excess weight I’ve gained over this Christmas holiday but also because I want to ensure i’m living the healthiest possible lifestyle I can at the moment. I’m actually not an unhealthy eater so I more so need to concentrate on fitness and toning this year. This year I want to sign up to regular spin, kickboxing or pilates classes and wishful thinking all of them, which I’ll attend each week, as well as aim to go to open gym sessions at the gymnastics gym here and not do some crazy weight loss diet but instead focus on a more healthier lifestyle.

2. Get up early!:

“Wake up an hour earlier to live an hour more!” Some times this is totally not ideal, but if you get up with the time needed to actually do your make-up, style your hair and eat breakfast without running around like a crazy women, you will feel calm, cool, collected and ready to tackle the day when you finally arrive at work. If you take the time out to adjust to a healthy routine and taking care of yourself in the morning, the more likely you will feel better about yourself and feel more productive both in your daily life and hopefully at your job. 

3. Blog goals: 

I love blogging and I genuinely invest everything into this little space sometimes. So pretty self-explanatory but I’d really like to get better at my photography skills in 2016. I really enjoy taking photos but often feel that my photos aren’t up to the right standard for the blogging world, especially night/ indoor photos and this is something I’d like to change this year. Might even take up a class or two! I think the most important blog goal would be to create a better posting schedule this year. Not been my organized self which has meant my posting schedule went out the window. This year I’d like to get back into a routine and get back to being more organized as a whole!

4. Saving and investing in quality staples:

This is probably going to be the hardest for the shopaholic in me but instead of wasting my money on more fashionable and current season trends which will no doubt go out of style in a month or two, I’d like to buy one or two key pieces every once and a while instead that will stand the test of time or can be key transitional pieces, something like a classic leather jacket, a timeless neutral heel or a good quality handbag. Now that I’m finally out of education and into the real working world, it really is time I started saving. My main saving goal is to save to be able to travel more. (Finally make it to New York for the first time, still can’t believe I’ve never been!) There’s so much of the world I have left to see and this year I’d like to make the effort to see more of it or at least save towards it for years to come.  

5. Keep in touch:

I am the worst person for keeping in touch with friends, and now that we live all over and have crazy busy separate lives its more important than ever. I’d like to make more of an effort this year to keep in touch with all of them, both near and far. 

6. Start as you mean to go on:

If you want to start this year being super productive or by really taking care of yourself then now is the time to do it and I really want to stick by this this year! As cliche as it is a new year is it is always the perfect time to get into great new habits. There are always going to be things that come along that are out of your control but, I defo believe that many of us can control how we start our year off!


-Ci Ci xo

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, keeping up with friends is in my NY resolution list too! Such an important one because time really does fly by – before you know it it’s been months since the last catch up. Really determined to stick to my resolutions this year, check out my post if you have a min 😊 http://bit.ly/1RpUMZw x

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