Any girl who loves makeup knows there is at least 5 products they can’t live without, your every day essentials you could say! Choosing just 5 products proved difficult because I love them all, however these are defiantly the 5 products I probably couldn’t go a day without when doing my daily makeup routine.


1. Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Ash Brown

I’ve tried so many brow products to finally find the perfect one! I swear by this product and any brow related products by Anastasia Beverly Hills. So easy to apply, last all day and offers a good variety of color options to choose from to best suit your brows. I use a simple eyebrow staight edge brush to apply and a brow brush to blend and shape my brown. It’s amazing how I could honestly say doing your eyebrows is a must, it absolutely completes a look and sharpens your face that little bit more. “Eyebrows speak louder then words!”


2. Foundation – NARS Sheer Matte Foundation and 
Makeup Forever Ultra HD  

(I totally cheated and picked both because I couldn’t choose between them!) 

I couldn’t choose between these two products because they are both so amazing! I must admit I do use my NARS foundation a lot more then my Makeup Forever Ultra HD mainly because the shade matches better at the moment for my personal everyday look, plus I like to save my Makeup Forever for events, nights out or just days I know I want my make up to last! I would defiantly say the Makeup Forever foundation is lighter weight and last longer through the day then my NARS foundation but they equally have their benefits and I love them both! I tend to switch up between these two foundations on a daily basis, but out of the many foundations I have tried, NARS and Makeup Forever foundations are my ultimate faves and the most consistent in achieving the look I like. I would defo recomend trying these products if you haven’t before!

  3. Eyeliner – Kat Von D Ink Liner in Tooper

This is a new product for me but so far I’m loving it! I swear there’s a constant love hate battle I’ve had with different eyeliners I’ve personally tried before but I think with this Kat Von D one I have finally found one I can hands down say I love and would recomend to any girl who loves your classic winged liner. I really don’t like when an eyeliner is meant to be black but seems to fade so quickly once applied, like what was the point and the next think you know I’m in the mirror again trying to go over it and it just is a never ending battle! Not this beaut though! It wears well all day and makes winged eyeliner less of a scary task to approach at 7am because of the easy applicator felt tip. 

 4. Contour – NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

So I’m pretty sure not everyone would agree with using this product for contouring but I defiantly thought I’d give it a go simply because of the way it allows for easy application along the cheek bone, ideal for contouring! Pick a few shades darker then you normally would, apply a line on either side of your face along the bottom of your cheek bones and other essential contouring spots on your face that you feel necessary and blend with your favorite concealer and it helps create the desired contour effect. 

5. Mascara – Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

“The only drama I enjoy in my life is in my lashes!” I’m constantly trying new mascara I’m currently loving this one! I’m one of those people that love a thick chunky brush applicator and one that’s gona create a dramatic full lash effect! Even if I have none of my other makeup essentials with me for a day, I’m sure you’ll always find a mascara in my bag ready for when ever needed! That’s for sure!

– Ci Ci xo

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