(I know I’ve already posted this, so sorry but it was deleted by accident.)
This new year seemed like it just flew in and January just all seems like a blur now, but it’s never too late to set some resolutions, especially some new daily resolutions within my blog, daily life and health. I thought it be a good time to think about some blog resolutions, we’ll some blog related wishes, to continue from February on. As busy as January has seemed to be just simply organizing myself now, it’ll be easier to stick to my newly set blog routines. Planning so many new blogs is making me realize how excited I am day by day to post some new ones! As much as I want to keep blogging in my everyday routine I also have some daily life and health goals I’m setting.


1. Post more often and keep it as a daily routine
I’m pretty excited to get back into blogging a 100% more on a daily basis, I’ve missed it far too much now! Keeping up with a post a day, because taking breaks just doesn’t really work at all, it’s much easier to keep the creativity and ideas coming. I love blogging and doing it so rarely seems so much harder then keeping up with it to be honest. Just from starting to write blog schedules and ideas down in a notebook for each month, like ootd inspirations or topics I want to post about really can help keep things organized a lot better. Some times it’s hard to imagine putting an idea into a post, like it’s too big of a job, or whatever, so it’s even hard to start the idea but I need to remember just too set a goal to always turn plans into actions and try any kind of blog post to share my ideas through either written post, video post, makeup routine post or even try a day with me kind of post.


2. Say goodbye to sugars
It would be hard to seriously say goodbye forever, but instead just as often as I can will help a lot more. It makes no sense setting a fitness goal without remembering proper diet, and I know for sure there is far too much sugar in my diet at the moment that could easily be avoided to start with. (Damn you donuts and chocolate) Just by starting off by cutting back slowly more and more will really help. I’ve cut sugar out of my tea times to start since I drink so much tea and am starting to really pay attention to the amount of sugars in things before eating them and considering the healthier options during the rest of my daily diet more often.


3. Make exercise a daily routine
(Eye rolling) I know already, who doesn’t make this their main resolution but it’s the difference to keep with it and not just say it, a little bit of exercise in your daily routine makes a whole lot of difference. Without sounding like everyone else’s typical fitness resolution I’ll keep it simple and say I’ve joined the gym and am determined to become a fitter and healthier me in 2015, fingers crossed to the unrealistic VS model beach bod dream, but there’s no time like the present to try and kick ass as much as I can to get there!


4. Use and enjoy things
I have the worst habit of saving products and clothes or other things like accessories for ‘best’ or special occasion days, then what happens, I don’t end up using them very much or at all! (So stupid) Thats changing as of now I’m using and enjoying all the little things between products to clothes and all the little things between. My favorite perfumes or more expensive make up and skincare products etc. They are all the ‘best’ for a reason so I might as well use and enjoy them now. “I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.”

5. Drink more water
Not to mention the health, skin and teeth benefits of just drinking that much more water daily but there are far too many benefits to drinking lots of water all day everyday! I’ll have some water with that thanks!

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