1. Mondazzee seem so long some times so keeping myself entertained with a little cheeky work selfie. Loving my New Look fully jumper on these chillier days recently, it’s definitely a cozy winter must have. I’ve also got on my fave Top Shop Jamie jeans, just wishing I had every Top Shop jean possible! I love a little OOTD post. 2. Decided to switch up my hair to start off the year and loving it more and more everyday! Loving my journey to silver-grey hair, I have a slight obsession. 3. It’s always a good time for tea time, waking up an hour earlier to live an hour more, loving my tea sesh by the waterside in the mornings before I make my way to work. 4. I’m always with my little Prince and I’m just jealous he’s more photogenic then I am really.


5. “I own too much black – said no one ever!” 6. My obsession with wishbones and moons has me loving my new jewels. I love layering these pieces together. 7. So I’ve been wanting a clothes rack in my room for far too long now! Having one in my flat away for so long made me love having one so it was a must, and finding the perfect one just topped my excitement (so sad I know)! It’s a great way to stay organized and plan outfits for the week or hang up some of my favorites. Plus it just looks too cute and I love my Paris pics above to add a little matching character. 8. I’ve got some of my favorites in this OOTD. My Timbs, Top Shop Joni jeans, Gap plaid shirt, New Look crop top and leather jacket and a bit of a posy mcposerson mirror pose of course!

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