Feels like way too long since my last post, but I’ve been loving my last few days being in Cambridge for my graduation! Spending the past four years in Cambridge, I have really fallen in love with everything about this city! It was a bitter sweet trip but I was enjoying every minute of it between being with my friends, eating at amazing restaurants and of course a bit of shopping was a must! The city has so much to offer and the most beautiful sights to see. Of course you have the highly known and beautiful Cambridge University, a highlight of the city and only a few steps near by a daily market, one of my favourite weekend stops to grab some beautiful flowers. I thought it would be perfect to recap my week in cambridge with a Tuesday Ten with ten of some of my favourite pictures and sights and things from my trip.

1. New Look: Shoe Heaven

I guess they really chose the perfect name for New Look’s shoe section, it literally is any girls ‘shoe heaven’! I know I’m guilty for taking a selfie in the shoe heaven mirror but it was so tempting I just had to. New look has crazy amounts of different shoes and I doubt you wouldn’t be able to find exactly what you’re looking for between heels, pumps, boots, sneakers or any other shoe you might need. They are great shoes that really give you value for your money at amazingly affordable cost! It doesn’t help they make the shoe section so cute too that its almost irresistible not to get at least one pair!

Blazer: Bershka

Top: H & M

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Nike

2. Next Home Accessories

If your looking for the cutest little room accessories, take a look in Next home section and I’m sure you will find something you might have not thought you needed but realise is a perfect find! I sometimes forget how cute the Next home accessories are and how perfect they are for adding that extra little touch to a room. Cute signs and beautiful frames or even lighting or bedding, there are so many homey accessories that actually melt my heart!

3. Patisserie Valerie

I feel like my pictures say it all but if you haven’t been to Patisserie Valerie yet I can’t stress enough how much of a must it is! My friends and I are always meeting up for tea and catch up dates here. With such a great atmosphere and amazing cakes, food and drinks it’s a perfect place just to relax with some friends and enjoy a yummy treat or two! This strawberry gelato cake has to be one of my top picks, pair it with a latte and  some girly chats for a perfect tea time with the girls!

4. ZiZi’s

So it was my first time while in Cambridge to have dinner at Zi Zi’s Restaurant and there is no better word to describe it then absolutely delicious! So many of my friends ranted and raved about how good it was so I had to try it myself and I’m pretty sure I could have ordered any thing on the menu and it would have all been too good! It would definitely be dangerous if I lived close to one of these all year round! Although I was so stuffed from all the amazing main course, I couldn’t resist trying their lemon meringue sorbet dessert, to die for, nuff said!

5. Wildwood

I think I was far too distracted by the food at Wildwood to even think about taking more pictures but I had a great meal at Cambridge’s Wildwood restaurant for my graduation dinner. Although pasta isn’t the smartest idea before trying to squeeze into a bodycon dress for a night out some how it seemed like the best idea at the time and I was loving it with not a care in the world, so good! The best thing about Wildwood is their amazing variety in starters, I could easily order loads and just have some wine and share the many starter options with friends or family.
6. Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Latte

So October is of course many of our favourite time of year, fall clothes, halloween costumes and warm cozy drinks! Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or the ‘PSL’ was defiantly the perfect pick for one of the colder nights while I was in Cambridge. I love sweet things and this one was just so good! Starbucks always seem to come up with the best seasonally drinks and I always love being able to try each one and I would say this is definitely a favourite!

7. Grand Arcade

If you’re ever visiting Cambridge it would be hard to miss the Grand Arcade. Okay yes it might have been a horrible place for my bank account, but at least I could look good while my bank account cried! It has just the right amount of stores and is never too overly packed like you would get in London, and at Christmas time its always decorated so beautifully. A very clean and classy shopping centre and you wouldn’t expect any less from Cambridge of course!

8. Flower Market

The market has always been my perfect Sunday relaxation walk about. Although its open every day, Sundays always seemed like the perfect day to visit the market, grab some flowers, a snack and just see what it has to new offer. The market is always a great place to find some thing admirable that you might have not actually been looking for. I love taking a look at home accessories that might be around or even random pieces for a great weekend DIY project.

9. Fossil: Bracelets

I was definitely a newbie to these gorgeous bracelets till my friend showed me last year at the Fossil store in Cambridge. Every bracelet stunning and unique in its own individual way and perfect for layering and mix-matching. Although they look pretty pricey they are actually really affordable and make the perfect gift!

10. Best Friends

Most definitely my favourite part about being in Cambridge is the time spent with my two amazing best friends! It’s always good times with these girls and although we are all from totally different parts of the world, from Ireland, England and Bermuda, I think it’s what joins us closer together all the time! Between the three of us going our separate ways, we all know that it will never push us apart or stop us from our crazy conversations and never leaving each others sides even though we are miles apart. “Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little bigger and your life a little better.” Always find the friends that make you do the craziest things and never leave your side. We know this is a chapter that has not ended but just begun and can’t wait to see each other again where every our lives take us.

(P.S Love you girls, Becca and Niamh -xo)

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