Missing my little cute apartment in the UK, I decided I needed to spruce up my room here in Bermuda and thought it would be a great DIY project for myself. I’m changing it all to wall paint colour, bedding, repainting my furniture and shuffling them around a bit and finding a few decor bits to both freshen it up and add some beautiful details. I decided to paint a grey accent wall behind my bed to make it my main focal point of my room and really bring out the colours of my new paintings; the glitter on the paintings really stand out against this darker colour and plays off nicely with the other three beige walls.

I found the most amazing glitzy set of paintings that would tie in great to the new design look I would like in my room. I’m currently on the search for new bedding, something with less detail and more solid colours like black and white so that my paintings can be the focus piece above my bed. My most favourite Audrey Hepburn photo is currently hanging above my bed but she will just move to somewhere else in my room that will suit it better, while the Tiffany blue colours in my paintings and the Paris and fashion settings all link amazingly with both the vintage look I’m going for as well as highlighting the Audrey Hepburn inspirations.

[Paintings: Gibbon’s Company, Bermuda]


I love every detail of each of the pictures and think its so perfect that it ties in my love for fashion, shopping, london, paris and new york! It is the perfect accessory for my room and I can’t wait to get the whole room done to see and post the final product! I also grabbed two black decorative pillows just to be matched with the colours of the pictures and will hopefully play well with my new bedding that I choose.

I can’t wait to get more of my room done and post some more pictures of the finished look as well as some of my DIY inspirations and ideas! Its amazing how a few small changes can make a big difference!

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