My perfect morning always starts with a healthy breaky and some Pinterest inspiration! There is nothing more relaxing and inspirational then feeling healthy and fresh and enjoying the outdoors to start the day. I absolutely love avocado and am forever trying to include it into almost every meal not only because it taste amazing with almost anything but also because it has great health benefits. Cardiology is a passion of mine and it is great to be able to find foods that improve heart health and still taste so good! Avocado is a natural source of folic acid that can help lower your blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular system as a whole. This is not the only benefit of avocado that us fashion and beauty addicts like to hear. Avocado also contains natural fiber that aids in your bodies digestion and reduces stomach inflammation. Meaning its a great metabolism boost and perfect for loosing weight with regular exercise.


I am pretty sure I am far more addicted to Pinterest then the avocado though! It is almost like a fashion bloggers paradise and I would definitely rate is as my favourite app. Pinterest allows you to unleash your own creativity with great inspiration within your own particular interest. I can honestly say I am a pinterest addict and when I say I will go on for 2 minutes some how always turns into an hour or two; and I feel bad for all my friends who know me and have now become just as addicted as I am, and that is no exaggeration! The pinterest app is great, it has the ability to give you everything you never knew you always wanted to know about anything! Not to mention the shopping fix you can get when your actually really broke, greatest satisfaction without spending a penny! [Sunglasses: Topshop]


Pinterest has surprisingly wonderful DIY ideas that I love trying or pinning for later to try. Ideas like turning mason jars, even though this one was bought from Target, into drink glasses or flower pots or makeup blush holders, the ideas are endless! Pinterest is truly infinite, not to mention the delicious healthy meals and snacks, like my avocado breakfast, and non healthy treat recipes you can find from pinterest, the possibilities always seem endless. [Mason Jar: Target]


I look forward to sharing more of my healthy meals and amazing pinterest inspirations in future post but for now, click the Pinterest icon below and follow my pinterest to see some other pins I love and get inspired! 


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