Ci Ci’s Amsterdam City Guide

Hey all, sorry it’s taken me a moment to catch up and share my Amsterdam adventures with you but here we go! I’m sharing my mini Amsterdam city guide with you on where I stayed and places I fell in love with to eat, shop, see and more. I hope you can maybe enjoy some of these Amsterdam City tips on your next Amsterdam travels!

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Amsterdam quickly became one of my favorite cities after vacationing here recently and I would revisit in a heartbeat! We stayed at the most beautiful Air BnB (here) which honestly felt like a home away from home. It felt like the biggest treat to stay here and I’ve been dreaming about it for weeks after already!

IMG_5013Right outside where we stayed, you can find yourself in the De Pijp area. This area quickly became one of my favourite parts of Amsterdam City, although a little bias since we stayed here but hey! I have to say, I did a lot of researching before booking our stay, about all the areas we could stay to make sure we were staying in just the right area for us! With loads of places in the area we both wanted to visit, restaurant wise and interest wise – the De Pijp area was perfect for us! Although everyone is different and have different interest and taste for their vacay so as much as we love and would recommend every place we’ve listed, I would highly recommend making sure you do a little researching of your own around before planning your trip to make sure you are staying close to places you are interested in visiting before just booking anywhere. It will just make your trip that much more enjoyable, easy to plan and get around. If you’re like us and are looking for a much more chilled out trip, simply enjoying your location you’re staying at, trying to live like the locals do, be able to just step outside for a small stroll for great coffee in the chicest coffee shops (and no not those kinds of coffee shops – although Marcus made sure I paid a visit to one or two of those too!) or a delicious bite, beautiful park walks, cute shops, fresh market shopping and more…..with no problem!…..every day!this is the area for you!

Oh, and Especially if you are a bruncher like us and know your perfect vacay consist of lot’s of brunching. This area is full of great breakfast, brunch and coffee spots. Here were a few of our favorites that we would recommend you brunchers + breakfast lovers make a stop to during your travels here:

  • The Avocado show
  • Jack’s Juice + Kitchen
  • Bakers and roasters
  • Locals coffee
  • Corner Bakery
  • Dwasserette
  • Coffee and coconuts (C + C)
  • Matcha Bar





Once you’re done brunching and decide you need a little shopping fix make sure to visit the independent boutiques around this area. It’s so much nicer to visit stores like these when traveling vs your typical chain stores like H & M and Zara that you could really find pretty much anywhere or online, as much as I love a little Zara fix. Every place we popped into around here, shopping wise, was so damn cute and gave us some major interior goals. Also, if you work in retail, like myself, some serious work inspo too! Besides a few other boutiques elsewhere like Vanilla, Most Wanted, The Gather Shop and Anecdote , the De Pijp area was by far the best area for boutique shopping. A few favorites would be:

  • OU. Boutique
  • Things I like, things I love
  • Hutspot
  • Anna Nina
  • Felice Home of Brands
  • Baskets store (for the sneaker heads or the boyfriends)
  • Blond
  • Cotton Cake (my personal fave – I just simply loved everything about this place! The vibe, the coffee, the interior, the staff and all the beautiful things they had!)
  • All the Luck in the World
  • Bricklane
  • (For the dudes) Behind the Pines



Easily one of my favorite things to do on vacay, no matter where it is, is just to walk around and get lost in and see where the day takes you…. or when in Amsterdam, rent a bike! I quickly learned bikes and I in Amsterdam don’t mesh too well – Marcus sure found it hilarious though! I don’t think you can really go wrong where ever you decide to roam about in this city and I can honestly say I felt safe no matter where we were and no matter what time of day! Not that we homebodies were out late most nights, but do you blame us staying in a place like this!  Some of our favorite spots and sites on the way were:

  • Vondel Park
  • Joordan
  • Cuypmarkt (I highly recommend trying some of the breads and cheeses!)
  • Bansky museum
  • Bloemenmarkt
  • Maritime Museum (Guess who made me include this one?)
  • Artis Amsterdam Museum
  • Five City Spa
  • Nine Streets





Need we say more lunch and dinner in Amsterdam is served…

Lunch at:

  • Pluk
  • Ree7
  • Stach
  • Foodhallen
  • Corner Bakery





Dinner at:

  • Dim Sum Now
  • Geflipt Burgers
  • Brut de mer
  • Escobar
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar






Places we didn’t get to but we would make sure these are on our must see list the next time we are in Amsterdam! Let us know if you’ve beat us to it and loved these or not….

To eat….

  • Mama Kelly
  • Café George
  • Pulitzer Hotel
  • Spaghetteria Pastabar
  • Let’s go Franggo
  • Rainbowls
  • Cafe Panache
  • Polaberry
  • Jansz
  • BoCinq
  • Bo Nam
  • Bulls and dogs
  • The Street food Club (Utrecht)
  • Blauwe Draak


  • Wijck Prints
  • Parque
  • Rogge De Pijp
  • Moon Loft
  • Mañana Mañana
  • Olivia & Kate

Visit other cities in the Netherlands….

  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht

(Open to hearing so many more suggestions!)

Amsterdam was honestly one of the most charming cities I have ever visited with beautiful canals, townhouses and the most picturesque bridges and cobbled streets. Most people will tell you to visit during spring/ summer but if you want to avoid tourist season it might be a better idea to visit at the end of September, beginning of October like we did. Not only is the climate changing so you get to see the fall colored foliage, that I personally adore and which makes for the perfect Fall vibes and stunning photos where ever you go but also means less crowds, by far!

I could honestly talk all day about this city but no matter when you choose to go and what you choose to do and see, I almost guarantee you will have the best time and I hope my mini Amsterdam guide can inspire whatever you decide for your next Amsterdam travels.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, I would love to know your recommendations for the next time I visit!

Hibiscus Hues

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Hey friends! Today’s post is just a quick one as we are in the middle of a holiday weekend here in Bermuda! This is a typical summer look for me. Skorts have been my most used pieces this summer I think. They work well with everything! Not to mention they are so comfy! A colourful tie top, some slides and a basket bag of some sort – simple, comfy and so good in the heat!

Today we are taking it slow and after a crazy Cupmatch weekend. Getting organized at home, do some laundry (maybe), run out the house to do a few errands and grab an iced coffee with Marcus at some point I’m sure, oh and beaching it of course! A very content chill day for us and I know I’ll be loving every second of it after a party filled couple of days! So I thought I’d get this look up for you quickly! Now just waiting for Marcus to finish up planting some more sunflowers in our garden and going to grab some breakies in a bit! Can’t wait to show you some shots of our first bunch of sunflowers we grew soon!

Processed with VSCO with u3 presetProcessed with VSCO with u3 presetProcessed with VSCO with u3 presetProcessed with VSCO with u3 preset

So before checking out again I wanted to share todays look from Urban Outfitters and a few other favourites. I always love a bit of Urban Outfitters but their ‘new in’ has been looking particularly spot on at the moment so I thought I’d show you some of my favourite recent picks: my blushy tie crop top and embroidered striped skort.

As I mentioned I cant get enough of skorts this summer! …And this ones striped! Double win! I love vertical striped pieces because they give, petite people like myself, the illusion of a longer frame. (There’s a Ci Ci Secret for those of you other petite girlies like myself!) Stripes are a closet essential in pretty much anyone’s wardrobe. Then when summer comes along I love including colorful combinations of this classic print. I have been on the summery stripes bandwagon lately for sure!

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What I’m wearing…

Top & Skort: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Lack of Color, Bag: Beach Gold Bali & Shoes: Soludos (Atelerie)

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Talk to you soon and thanks for reading!


All Photos by Stacey Lamb Photography (@staceylambphotography) 


Heyyy! Happy Friday!

Today I just wanted to share with you guys a recent look in a sweet summer set from Faithfull the Brand, my current favorite summer brand! It’s one of those brands I buy over and over again and a repeating favorite when it comes to packing for a trip or for a day to night look this summer. They truly nail it with summer styles that I’m always looking for and want to wear in the summer. Whether you’re looking for summer prints, dresses, jumpsuits, pants and sets, your beach cover-up, a wedding look, your happy hour looks or just about any occasion really! Their silhouettes are super comfy, cute and clever! It’s a laid back, bohemian and free spirted kind of brand and that’s why I love it so much! … and is exactly why I’ve picked it as my summer 2018 favorite brand!

Shop my favorite Faithfull the Brand picks at Atelerie right now… (@atelerie)

I love summer styles that are simple and timeless…and even when it’s humid, I still want to feel put together, but in pieces that feel relaxed and feminine. Faithfull the Brand really nails this kind of look! I realized packing the other day, for Miami Swim week, that not only do I tend to pack all my favorites at that current time but that I have an easy method or reasoning to what I always pack for trips that I actually noticed resonates for most of my picks when shopping for all my looks in general! I tend to buy all my separates in solids or minimal and classic prints like stripes and polka dots so I can have fun with mixing and matching with separates. … But when it comes to dress and jumpsuit shopping I tend to pick more seasonal patterns like florals and season specific patterns as well as some more solids – it’s just a method that seems to stick with me and I find allows me to get more wear out of things – try it and see if it works for you too! This is probably why I love Faithfull the Brand so much! It offers the best of both worlds for all seasons and you can get the best separates you will want in your summer wardrobe, as well as some more trend based seasonal styles – I just love it!

Photography by: @caseykrauss

Wearing: Hat: Lack of color, Sunnies: Poney eyewear, Faithfull the Brand @atelerie

I hope you all have the best weekend! Thanks for reading and hope you find brands you love just as much as I love this one! … and always feel free to share below! Myself and Atelerie always like to hear of new brands or brands you love!

Best of Bermuda

Hey! Back to Bermuda and I finally got my hands on a copy of this years Bermudian magazine! So, I want to start off with a huge thank you to the Bermudian Magazine and judges for the Best of Bermuda award for Best Blog/ Social Media Presence 2018 and to all my friends, family and followers for your support in everything and all that I love to do! A very special thank you to my photographer (greatest boyfriend in the world) Marcus Burgess! It’s because of all of you that has helped me receive this award and I appreciate it so much, thank you!

I’m lucky to be able to call Bermuda my home and extremely grateful that I have the best job which allows me to work with amazing brands as well as a gem of an island, so beautiful that it makes it so much more enjoyable to share my outfits, interest and favorite places and views- the aspects of blogging I have so much love for, with you even more rewarding! Thank you again for this award and support. It makes me want to share even more with you and work harder to share the things you want and love to see from me, Ci Ci! I can’t stress enough how proud I am to be a Bermudian blogger and it’s a tremendously amazing pleasure! As well as opportunity to inspire others to do what they love too!


Cici’s Secrets/Catherine Araujo

A great Instagram page is like spending time in an art gallery—relaxing, engaging and fascinatingly beautiful. The best take their time to carefully curate the content they share and keep a consistency in the quality of their images, as in Catherine Araujo, the blogger behind CiCi’s Secrets. The store manager, assistant buyer and social media manager for Atelerie, Araujo’s passion for fashion, beauty and travel is engaging and inspiring for all the right reasons.” – The Bermudian Magazine

I can’t thank this man enough for his support and patience in putting up with me and helping me do all that I enjoy to do and have a passion for, that’s really the make up of Ci Ci’ Secrets as a whole! I always love spending time with you and your help with capturing our memories together and appreciate all that you do for me and the blog! This award really goes out to this amazing man as well to say the least! (I love you babe! Xx)

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of 2018’s Bermudian Magazine and check out some other amazing Bermudian people, places, companies and more that also deserve as much shout outs and recognition for all their hard work and dedication to the things they love to do as well!

About this look:

It’s summer time and when it comes to my summer style I love taking in summer and all of its simplicity. I tend to go (even more) minimal when it comes to accessories, lighter on my make up (this foundation works well for me in warmer weather), and I’ve been living in the same slides everyday already and it’s not even mid summer yet!

Top: Zara, shorts: Ozma California, dress: Faithful the Brand, sunnies: masquestics bermuda, earrings: Vanessa Mooney and bag: Clare V

By the way, if you haven’t already, make sure to plan a visit to Victoire Cafe in St.George’s sometime soon! (You’re welcome trust me!) I would love to see more cute coffee shops and unique cafes like this one pop up more around the island! Just chilling at a beautifully designed coffee shop with great coffee is one of my favorite things to do, as simple as it is!

Personal fave from Victoire: an iced hazelnut latte (yumminess at its best!)

Bermuda hero’s weekend is over and now Cupmatch is loading and there’s more summer memories to be made! Hope you all had an amazing long weekend! Can you believe it’s midweek already- the weekend will be back soon enough, right? Thank you all again for my Best of Bermuda award and hopefully a few more to strive for in upcoming editions of the magazine!

Thank you,

Rosé Moments

It’s been a hectic week since last weekend and I’m finally taking a moment to catch up! I’ve been in New York the past week for Resort 2018/2019 market for some Atelerie buying for this winter and as much as we are just getting into summer, winter is looking pretty beautiful at this moment in time- just saying! I’ll be filling you in on more details on my trip soon, but at the moment let’s take a flashback to last Saturday’s National Rosé Day by Uncorked – not that anyone really needed an incentive to drink Rosé this time of year but I couldn’t be more happy to be able to attend such a beautiful event put on by Uncorked, Bermuda! They really did an amazing job and if you missed it this time make sure to follow them on Instagram at @uncorkedbda to stay posted to their upcoming events!

What I wore:

Dress: Shona Joy, bag: Clare V, shoes: Soludos (all via Atelerie, Bermuda)

I might be having my own little rosé celebration at home today with some Raft up Rosé (shhh!) …but it put me right in the mood to have a little flashback to National Rosé Day and want to share some shots with you!

Flashbacks to June 9th, National Rosé Day…

Uncork’s 2018 National Rosé day promo shoot…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this montage of moments and some Rosé inspired outfit inspiration!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Melrose Avenue

One of my favorite things in California besides going to Venice beach is exploring the diverse city. One of the most famous streets in LA is Melrose Avenue. Along Melrose, there are chic restaurants, the cutest and coolest stores, and stunning murals. This famous pink wall is found at Paul Smith, 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

The store has a consistent crowd of bloggers, photographers, and tourists using it as a backdrop. Luckily there is plenty of room for everyone. I recommend going an hour to thirty minutes early in the morning when it’s not crowded or just before sunset to see that golden glow on this awesome pink wall. It wasn’t overly crowded in general and you have shade for even lighting. Across the street, there is a wall on a coffee shop that changes often and is great to see!

We visited a popular restaurant we fell in love with, Catch LA, that we ended up going back for a second visit too before we left LA it was that good! Just a heads up, it is normally packed, so make sure to make reservations maybe on open table before to avoid disappointment! Another tip- order loads and share it all- even with Marcus! I’m not a huge sharer normally but I didn’t want to miss out on trying multiple dishes so sharing was a great idea!

What I wore:

Sweater: Zara, shorts: Rag & Bone, bag: H & M and shoes: Anine Bing

What are your favorite places on Melrose Avenue? I’d love to hear in the comments below!